Wurth offers their REDCUBE SMD terminals for high-current applications

Image of Wurth Electronics' SMD Power Elements REDCUBE SMD terminals by Wurth Electronics combine the advantages of SMD mounting in conjunction with high current technology. REDCUBE SMD terminals can be fully mounted automatically with pick-and-place from the reel to the circuit board with all other SMD components, thus affording fast and uncomplicated processing. Connection points spanning a large area of the pad result in low contact resistance and low self-heating. The elements have an industrial operating temperature up to 155°C. Depending on the layout, currents up to 70 A are possible. At the same time, the components have very-high retention forces and torques.

Characteristics Features
  • Material: brass
  • Surface: tin plated
  • Heat resistant: up to +150°C
  • Tightening torque:
    • M3 (0.5 Nm), M4 (1.2 Nm): WP-SMBU/WP-SMSH, SMD terminals, with internal and external thread
    • M4 (0.4 Nm): WP-SMRA, SMD terminals right-angled
    • Packaging: bulk, reel
    • Current rating: max. 70 A (20°C)
  • Simple and fast automated assembly
  • Low initial time and cost
  • High mechanical forces and torques
  • Small footprint


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
7466003R datasheet linkTERM PWR ELEMENT M3 1PIN SMD7466003RTERM PWR ELEMENT M3 1PIN SMD1561 - Immediate
7466003R product page link
7466004R datasheet linkTERM PWR ELEMENT M4 1PIN SMD7466004RTERM PWR ELEMENT M4 1PIN SMD857 - Immediate
7466004R product page link
7466003 datasheet linkTERM PWR ELEMENT M3 1PIN SMD7466003TERM PWR ELEMENT M3 1PIN SMD694 - Immediate
7466003 product page link
7466004 datasheet linkTERM PWR ELEMENT M4 1PIN SMD7466004TERM PWR ELEMENT M4 1PIN SMD82 - Immediate
7466004 product page link
7466103 datasheet linkTERM PWR ELEMENT M3 1PIN SMD7466103TERM PWR ELEMENT M3 1PIN SMD1099 - Immediate
7466103 product page link
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Published: 2014-03-20