Assembly Products

Würth Elektronik offers a wide range of assembly products which include various spacer types, cable and battery holders, mounting tabs, tubular lugs, heat shrink tubes and plastic caps. The large variety of assembly products offers customers multiple solutions for their applications.

Cables, Wire - Management

Cable Assembly and Wire Management

Würth Elektronik offers a variety of Cable Holders and Heat Shrink Tubes to assist in cable assembly needs. The cable holders are offered in cable ties, cable clips, cable twisters, and even snap-in solutions for boards. The polyolefin heat shrink tubes protect cable connectors from corrosion when exposed to heat and also prevent short circuits.

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Battery Products

Battery Products

Würth Elektronik offers PCB lithium coin cell battery holders available in SMT and THT and available with and without housing. These holders are manufactured from UL rated 94V-0 materials. The coin cell holders are great for small, low power devices due to their lightweight and low profile. The battery holders are used in all types of devices.

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Connectors, Interconnects

Connectors and Interconnects

Würth Elektronik offers products and accessories for board assembly. Mounting tabs and cable lugs feature a flat design and are made of high quality material for optimal crimping purposes and to connect safety-insulated devices to low-voltage networks. The cable lugs also feature precise tube ends for simple cable insertion. An accessory for board assembly from Würth Elektronik are plastic caps for RJ45 modular jacks, RJ11 connectors, D-SUBs, HDMI and USB. These caps help protect contacts from dust and dirt.

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Hardware, Fasteners and Accessories

Fasteners and Accessories

If your needing a spacer for your application, Würth Elektronik offers a wide variety to choose from. The different types of spacers range from spacer studs and rounds spacers offered in different materials, lengths and internal/external threads. Wurth Electronics also offers SMD spacers specially designed for automatic assembly and are able to achieve high holding forces and torques. Finally, the spacer portfolio also features many different versions and mounting variations of spacers for snap-in in a PCB, self-adhesive, screw mount and snap rivet mount.

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