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Image of MEAN WELL's HDR-150 Series DIN-Rail Power Supplies
HDR-150 Series DIN Rail Power Supplies

MEAN WELL's HDR-150 series DIN rail power supplies feature complete protection functions for home automation and industrial control apparatus applications.

Image of FLEx Lighting's Low-Power Front Lights
Low-Power Front Lights

FLEx Lighting's low-power front lights are the ideal low-power alternative to traditional backlit LCDs and designed for reflective displays.

Image of Artesyn Embedded Technologies' DA45C Series Power Adapters
DA45C Series Power Adapters

Artesyn's DA45C series features reinforced insulation and safety features such as overvoltage, overcurrent, short-circuit, and overtemperature protections.

Image of NimbeLink's Skywire 4G LTE CAT 3 Embedded Modem
Skywire® 4G LTE CAT 3 Embedded Cellular Modem

NimbeLink's Skywire® 4G LTE CAT 3 embedded cellular modem is designed for volume production and intended for OEMs to embed into end-equipment designs.

Image of NKK's UB and LB Series Illuminated Pushbuttons
LB/UB Series Illuminated Pushbuttons with Protective Guards

NKK's LB and UB series pushbuttons come pre-assembled with a specified base switch and polyamide rectangular protective guard with cover.

Image of Vishay Semi Diodes' FRED Pt® Gen 5 Rectifier
FRED Pt® Gen 5 Hyperfast 1200 V Rectifiers

Vishay's hyperfast 1200 V rectifiers are specifically designed to improve efficiency of hard- and soft-switching applications.

Image of Vishay Opto's VOH1016A Series Optocouplers
VOH1016A Series 1 MBd High-Speed Optocouplers

Vishay's VOH1016A optocouplers offer low turn-on threshold current and supply current, guaranteed minimum CMTI of 10 kV/µs, and a wide power supply range.

Image of 3M's Hearing Protection
Hearing Protection

3M's hearing protection products are some of the most recognized on the market and are designed to provide protection, comfort, and ease of use.

Image of Texas Instruments' OPA521 Narrowband Line Driver
OPA521 Narrowband Line Drivers

TI's OPA521 narrowband line drivers feature integrated thermal protection and use minimal external protection components that enable space-effective systems.

Image of SCHURTER’s SUT-H Series Ceramic Fuse
SUT-H Series Ceramic Fuses

SCHURTER’s SUT-H 6.3 mm x 32 mm ceramic fuse has a high breaking capacity up to 500 A @ 250 VAC, 10 kA @ 125 VAC.

Image of E-Switch's LP11 Series Pushbutton Switch
LP11 Series Pushbutton Switch

E-Switch's LP11 series pushbutton switch with momentary or latching function is available in RGB or multiple bicolor illumination options in multiple cap sizes.

Image of 3M™'s Personal Protective Equipment Safety Solutions
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Safety Solutions

3M™ strives to deliver comfortable, well-designed PPE that offers workers the most effective protection available.

Image of Mechatronics' EC Fan Trays
EC Fan Trays

Mechatronics fan trays deliver high airflow and low power consumption rack mountable thermal management solutions.

Image of ReVibe Energy's Model D Evaluation Kit
Model D Evaluation Kit

ReVibe Energy's model D evaluation kit gives customers the opportunity to evaluate vibration energy harvesting in a wide variety of applications.

Image of RECOM's REC15E-Z  15W DC/DC Converters
REC15E-Z 15 W DC/DC Converters

RECOM’s REC15E-Z series of 15 W isolated DC/DC converters features wide input ranges at low cost.