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Image of FLEx Color Dev Kits with JDI RLCD
Color Development Kits with JDI RLCD

With just a single low-power LED, the integrated FLEx front light panel and JDI color display offers a power-efficient alternative to backlit displays.

Image of Panasonic's ERJ-UP3 Anti-Sulfurated Thick Film Chip Resistors
ERJ-UP3 Anti-Sulfurated Thick-Film Chip-Resistors

Panasonic's ERJ-UP3 anti-sulfurated thick-film chip-resistors are extremely durable in challenging, unclean, or harsh environments.

Image of Omron's PTF-PU Push-In Plus Socket for LY Relays
PTF-PU Push-In Plus Socket for LY Relays

Omron's PTF-PU relay sockets offer Push-In Plus technology and were designed for the LY relay series.

Image of TDK Corporation Extended Range B40600* Series Capacitors
Extended Range B40600* Series Capacitors

TDK Corporation’s B40600* series capacitors are available in four can sizes and with an axial-lead or as a solder star version.

Image of Omron's S8V-CP Multi-Channel 24 VDC Circuit Protector
S8V-CP Multi-Channel Circuit Protectors

Omron’s S8V-CP multi-channel 24 VDC circuit protector protects DC circuits from short circuits or circuit overloads while improving system safety.

Image of VCC's CL Series Watertight LED Indicator
CL Series Ø 0.555" (14 mm) Watertight LED Indicator, IP67 and Vandal Resistant

VCC's CL series LED indicator for front panel installation is suitable for high vibration environments and allows waterproof mounting in accordance with IP67.

Image of Omron's Low-Voltage Switchgear
Low-Voltage Switchgear

Omron's portfolio of low-voltage switchgear products gives customers more motor control options for their applications.

Image of ROHM's Automotive EEPROMs
Automotive EEPROMs

ROHM Semiconductor’s automotive serial EEPROMs are non-volatile memory made with a double cell structure optimized for data retention.

Image of Murata's KCA55 Series Automotive MLCC
KCA55 Series Automotive MLCC

Murata Electronics' KCA55 series automotive MLCCs ensure substantially reduced PC board deflection cracks in the capacitors.

Image of Laird Connectivity's BL653 Series (Nordic nRF52833) – Bluetooth® + 802.15.4 + NFC
BL653 Series (Nordic nRF52833) – Bluetooth® + 802.15.4 + NFC

Laird Connectivity's BL653 series of secure low power, microcontroller modules with multi wireless capability are made for wireless Industrial IoT connectivity.

Image of Phoenix Contact's UNIFOX – PPS Compact
UNIFOX – PPS Compact DIN Rail Cutter

Phoenix Contact continues the expansion of the TOOL fox product line with the release of the PPS COMPACT DIN rail cutter.

Image of Tensility's AC/DC Power Adapters in 5 Watts to 24 Watts
AC/DC Power Adapters in 5 W to 24 W

Tensility wall-plug adapters are small, efficient, and modern power supplies designed for uninterrupted power.

Image of TE Connectivity AMP's LUMAWISE Type Z LED Holders

TE's LUMAWISE Type Z LED holders provide a quick and easy solderless connection to CoB LED arrays and enable customers to develop Zhaga-compliant modules.

Image of Xilinx's Spartan-7 SP701 FPGA Evaluation Kit
Spartan-7 SP701 FPGA Evaluation Kit

Xilinx's Spartan-7 SP701 FPGA evaluation kit is built for designs requiring sensor fusion such as industrial networking, embedded vision, and auto applications.

TSB7191ILT and TSB7191AILT Precision BiCMOS Single Op Amp - STMicroelectronics
TSB7191/TSB7191A Precision BiCMOS Single Op Amps

STMicroelectronics' TSB7191 and TSB7191A 22 MHz amplifiers feature rail-to-rail input and output guaranteed to operate from 2.7 V to 36 V single supply.