Arduino Shields

Newhaven Display's 4.3" Arduino shields are designed for effortless touch development

Image of Newhaven Arduino ShieldsEffortless touch development is obtained with Newhaven Display’s Arduino shields. Available in six display variations, these shields are ready to mate with some of Arduino’s most commonly used development boards. No extra controller boards or messy cables are required, providing a much faster and effortless experience in developing with a touchscreen TFT. Each shield features a 480 x 272 resolution TFT in the form of a sunlight-readable, premium (MVA), or standard LCD display type. In addition to these three different display types, there are two different touchscreen options to choose from: capacitive or 4-wire resistive touch.

These shields feature the FT801 (capacitive touch) or the FT800 (resistive touch) video engine, by FTDI, which may be used to develop and demonstrate the functionality of the FT80X IC’s and Newhaven’s 4.3” touchscreen TFT displays. Additionally, the shields generate audio output with an on-board power amplifier. Engineered in Elgin, Illinois, these 4.3” Arduino shields are the best and quickest method for developing with touch TFTs.

Video: 4.3" Arduino Shields - Overview & Tutorial

Capacitive Shield User Guide
Resistive Shield User Guide
Newhaven Display GitHub Repository

  • Connects with Arduino Uno, Mega, and Leonardo
  • Standard, premium (MVA), and sunlight-readable TFTs
  • FT801 and FT800 video engines
  • PWM backlight control
  • Open-source hardware and software
  • Micro SD slot for expandable memory
  • 5 V tolerant buffers
  • Generates mono audio output
  • Consumer applications
  • Educational
  • Hobbyists
  • Research and development

Arduino Shields

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
NHD-4.3CTP-SHIELD-L datasheet linkLCD 4.3" 480X272 CAP TOUCHSCREENNHD-4.3CTP-SHIELD-LLCD 4.3" 480X272 CAP TOUCHSCREEN24 - Immediate
NHD-4.3CTP-SHIELD-L product page link
NHD-4.3CTP-SHIELD-V datasheet linkLCD 4.3" 480X272 CAP TOUCHSCREENNHD-4.3CTP-SHIELD-VLCD 4.3" 480X272 CAP TOUCHSCREEN30 - Immediate
NHD-4.3CTP-SHIELD-V product page link
NHD-4.3CTP-SHIELD-N datasheet linkLCD 4.3" 480X272 CAP TOUCHSCREENNHD-4.3CTP-SHIELD-NLCD 4.3" 480X272 CAP TOUCHSCREEN22 - Immediate
NHD-4.3CTP-SHIELD-N product page link
NHD-4.3RTP-SHIELD-L datasheet linkLCD 4.3" 480X272 RES TOUCHSCREENNHD-4.3RTP-SHIELD-LLCD 4.3" 480X272 RES TOUCHSCREEN15 - Immediate
NHD-4.3RTP-SHIELD-L product page link
NHD-4.3RTP-SHIELD-V datasheet linkLCD 4.3" 480X272 RES TOUCHSCREENNHD-4.3RTP-SHIELD-VLCD 4.3" 480X272 RES TOUCHSCREEN37 - Immediate
NHD-4.3RTP-SHIELD-V product page link
NHD-4.3RTP-SHIELD-N datasheet linkLCD 4.3" 480X272 RES TOUCHSCREENNHD-4.3RTP-SHIELD-NLCD 4.3" 480X272 RES TOUCHSCREEN28 - Immediate
NHD-4.3RTP-SHIELD-N product page link
Published: 2016-10-18