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4.3” EZ Grip IPS TFT Displays | Datasheet Preview
How-To Create Custom LCD Characters
Mounting Bracket Advantages for TFT Displays
Full Color OLED Glass - Intro & Demonstration
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Recent PTMs

10 minutes
LCDs Vs OLEDs Character and Graphic Display
This presentation will compare LED technology and OLED technology.
5 minutes
HDMI TFT Modules
This presentation will give an overview of the 12 HDMI TFT Modules.
5 minutes
EVE2 TFT Module
An overview of Newhaven's EVE2 TFT modules, including their key features and main applications.
10 minutes
7.0" Inch BeagleBone Cape
The BeagleBone community provides all levels of engineers with the resources they need to begin development
5 minutes
4.3 inch Arduino Shield
Arduino Shields provide any level of engineer with the ability to effortlessly develop with either capacitive or resistive touch.
5 minutes
2x16 Modular OLEDs
2x16 Modular OLEDs take the guess work out of OLED development by presenting an easy-to-implement module design
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About Newhaven Display, Intl.

Newhaven Display provides the North American marketplace with cost effective high quality display devices ranging from LCD to VFD. In addition to our vast standard part offerings, we develop custom designs for all industries. We pride ourselves on first-rate customer support and development assistance.

All products are stocked at our Elgin, Illinois USA warehouse. Marketing is done through a nationwide network of independent sales representatives and stocking distributors. All displays are manufactured at our partner factories located in Mainland China and Taiwan locations. These are state-of-the-art facilities with over 12 years of experience with QS-9000, ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certifications.