4.3" Arduino Shields - Overview & Tutorial

Effortless touch development is obtained with Newhaven Display's 4.3" Arduino Shields. In six different models, choose between 5-point multi-touch capacitive or 4-wire resistive touch combined with a sunlight readable premium MVA or standard TFT.

10/18/2016 9:23:25 PM

4.3" Arduino Shields - Overview and Tutorial

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
LCD 4.3NHD-4.3CTP-SHIELD-LLCD 4.3" 480X272 CAP TOUCHSCREEN24 - ImmediateView Details
LCD 4.3NHD-4.3CTP-SHIELD-NLCD 4.3" 480X272 CAP TOUCHSCREEN22 - ImmediateView Details
LCD 4.3NHD-4.3CTP-SHIELD-VLCD 4.3" 480X272 CAP TOUCHSCREEN31 - ImmediateView Details
LCD 4.3NHD-4.3RTP-SHIELD-LLCD 4.3" 480X272 RES TOUCHSCREEN15 - ImmediateView Details
LCD 4.3NHD-4.3RTP-SHIELD-NLCD 4.3" 480X272 RES TOUCHSCREEN28 - ImmediateView Details
LCD 4.3NHD-4.3RTP-SHIELD-VLCD 4.3" 480X272 RES TOUCHSCREEN37 - ImmediateView Details