Film Capacitor, Inductor, Circuit Protection, and Thermistor Sample Kits

EPCOS offers a variety of sample kits for film capacitors, inductors, circuit protection, and thermistors

Image of EPCOS' Film Caps, Inductors, Thermistors etc. Sample KitsDigi-Key and EPCOS are working together to offer a wide variety of film capacitor, inductor, circuit protection, and thermistor sample kits to engineers and customers. The broad offering features kit options that are both series- and application-specific. The TDK engineering team chooses the values, which are then assembled at Digi-Key, in order to offer engineers the best and most complete kit offerings for their designs. Each kit has multiple values included, either 10 or 20 pieces of each, and are separated into individually labeled compartments. Try one of the many options and find out how easy it is to design-in today.

Film Capacitors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
495-76593-KIT datasheet linkLIGHTING KIT (B3267XL SERIES)495-76593-KITLIGHTING KIT (B3267XL SERIES)2 - Immediate
495-76593-KIT product page link
495-76596-KIT datasheet linkPFC & DC FILTERING KIT495-76596-KITPFC & DC FILTERING KIT2 - Immediate
495-76596-KIT product page link
495-76597-KIT datasheet linkAUTOMOTIVE AEC-Q200 KIT 1495-76597-KITAUTOMOTIVE AEC-Q200 KIT 16 - Immediate
495-76597-KIT product page link
495-76598-KIT datasheet linkAUTOMOTIVE AEC-Q200 KIT 2495-76598-KITAUTOMOTIVE AEC-Q200 KIT 28 - Immediate
495-76598-KIT product page link
B3292X/B3202X-KIT datasheet linkCAP KIT FILM 1000PF-0.68UF 70PCSB3292X/B3202X-KITCAP KIT FILM 1000PF-0.68UF 70PCS7 - Immediate
B3292X/B3202X-KIT product page link
495-76594-KIT datasheet linkY1 & X1 AC INPUT EMI KIT495-76594-KITY1 & X1 AC INPUT EMI KIT5 - Immediate
495-76594-KIT product page link
B3292X-KIT datasheet linkCAP KIT FILM 0.01UF-15UF 48PCSB3292X-KITCAP KIT FILM 0.01UF-15UF 48PCS2 - Immediate
B3292X-KIT product page link
B3267X/B3265X-KIT datasheet linkCAP KIT FILM 0.1UF-3.3UF 55PCSB3267X/B3265X-KITCAP KIT FILM 0.1UF-3.3UF 55PCS4 - Immediate
B3267X/B3265X-KIT product page link
B3202X-KIT datasheet linkCAP KIT FILM 1000PF-1UF 60PCSB3202X-KITCAP KIT FILM 1000PF-1UF 60PCS1 - Immediate
B3202X-KIT product page link
495-76599-KIT datasheet linkAUTOMOTIVE AEC-Q200 KIT 3495-76599-KITAUTOMOTIVE AEC-Q200 KIT 39 - Immediate
495-76599-KIT product page link
495-76600-KIT datasheet linkROBUST X2 AC INPUT (EMI) FILTERS495-76600-KITROBUST X2 AC INPUT (EMI) FILTERS6 - Immediate
495-76600-KIT product page link
495-76592-KIT datasheet linkAC FILTER OUTPUT KIT495-76592-KITAC FILTER OUTPUT KIT6 - Immediate
495-76592-KIT product page link
495-76595-KIT datasheet linkDC LINK KIT 1495-76595-KITDC LINK KIT 17 - Immediate
495-76595-KIT product page link


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
495-75562-KIT datasheet linkERU16 INDUCTOR KIT495-75562-KITERU16 INDUCTOR KIT10 - Immediate
495-75562-KIT product page link
495-75376-KIT datasheet linkERU19 INDUCTOR KIT495-75376-KITERU19 INDUCTOR KIT6 - Immediate
495-75376-KIT product page link

Circuit Protection

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
B57127P-KIT datasheet linkNTC CURRENT LIMITERS 0.5-10 OHMB57127P-KITNTC CURRENT LIMITERS 0.5-10 OHM2 - Immediate
B57127P-KIT product page link


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
495-75366-KIT product page link


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
495-75579-KIT datasheet linkCAP KIT CER 0.25UF-1UF 18PCS495-75579-KITCAP KIT CER 0.25UF-1UF 18PCS3 - Immediate
495-75579-KIT product page link