Medical Grade Transformers

Medical grade power supplies from Amgis meet a wide range of applications

Image of Amgis' Medical Grade TransformersMedical grade transformers from Amgis are installed in medical devices used in hospitals, medical research facilities, and biomedical companies throughout the world. Design, testing, and construction of medical grade transformers are strictly monitored under safety rules, guidelines and governing laws. Amgis' standard medical grade transformers are recognized to UL 60601-1, CSA C22.2 No. 601, Under UL File E310462. Amgis offers a broad range of standard medical toroidal transformers that can be quickly and easily configured.


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
MED0100 datasheet linkXFRMR TOROIDAL 100VAMED0100XFRMR TOROIDAL 100VA0MED0100 product page link
MED0200 datasheet linkXFRMR TOROIDAL 200VAMED0200XFRMR TOROIDAL 200VA0MED0200 product page link
MED0300 datasheet linkXFRMR TOROIDAL 300VAMED0300XFRMR TOROIDAL 300VA0MED0300 product page link
MED0400 datasheet linkXFRMR TOROIDAL 400VAMED0400XFRMR TOROIDAL 400VA2 - Immediate
MED0400 product page link
MED0600 datasheet linkXFRMR TOROIDAL 600VAMED0600XFRMR TOROIDAL 600VA0MED0600 product page link
MED0800 datasheet linkXFRMR TOROIDAL 800VAMED0800XFRMR TOROIDAL 800VA0MED0800 product page link
MED1000 datasheet linkXFRMR TOROIDAL 1000VAMED1000XFRMR TOROIDAL 1000VA0MED1000 product page link
MED1500 datasheet linkXFRMR TOROIDAL 1500VAMED1500XFRMR TOROIDAL 1500VA0MED1500 product page link
MED2000 datasheet linkXFRMR TOROIDAL 2000VAMED2000XFRMR TOROIDAL 2000VA4 - Immediate
MED2000 product page link
MED2500 datasheet linkXFRMR TOROIDAL 2500VAMED2500XFRMR TOROIDAL 2500VA3 - Immediate
MED2500 product page link
Published: 2012-06-29