MED Series Power Transformer

MED Series Medical Transformers

Amgis, LLC

This training module will describe the MED series transformers in detail while providing the specifications and benefits of toroidal transformer technology.
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeVoltage - PrimaryVoltage - Secondary (Full Load)Available QuantityView Details
MED1500 datasheet linkXFRMR TOROIDAL 1500VAMED1500XFRMR TOROIDAL 1500VAToroidal100V, 120VParallel 120V, Series 240V13 - Immediate
5 - Factory Stock
MED1500 product page link
MED2000 datasheet linkXFRMR TOROIDAL 2000VAMED2000XFRMR TOROIDAL 2000VAToroidal100V, 120VParallel 120V, Series 240V2 - Immediate
MED2000 product page link
MED2500 datasheet linkXFRMR TOROIDAL 2500VAMED2500XFRMR TOROIDAL 2500VAToroidal100V, 120VParallel 120V, Series 240V3 - Immediate
6 - Factory Stock
MED2500 product page link
MED0400 datasheet linkXFRMR TOROIDAL 400VAMED0400XFRMR TOROIDAL 400VAToroidal100V, 120VParallel 120V, Series 240V0MED0400 product page link
MED0100 datasheet linkXFRMR TOROIDAL 100VAMED0100XFRMR TOROIDAL 100VAToroidal100V, 120VParallel 120V, Series 240V5 - Factory StockMED0100 product page link
MED0200 datasheet linkXFRMR TOROIDAL 200VAMED0200XFRMR TOROIDAL 200VAToroidal100V, 120VParallel 120V, Series 240V7 - Factory StockMED0200 product page link
MED0300 datasheet linkXFRMR TOROIDAL 300VAMED0300XFRMR TOROIDAL 300VAToroidal100V, 120VParallel 120V, Series 240V13 - Factory StockMED0300 product page link
MED0600 datasheet linkXFRMR TOROIDAL 600VAMED0600XFRMR TOROIDAL 600VAToroidal100V, 120VParallel 120V, Series 240V5 - Factory StockMED0600 product page link
MED0800 datasheet linkXFRMR TOROIDAL 800VAMED0800XFRMR TOROIDAL 800VAToroidal100V, 120VParallel 120V, Series 240V5 - Factory StockMED0800 product page link
MED1000 datasheet linkXFRMR TOROIDAL 1000VAMED1000XFRMR TOROIDAL 1000VAToroidal100V, 120VParallel 120V, Series 240V13 - Factory StockMED1000 product page link
PTM Published on: 2011-01-31