Oura Ring Teardown (Gen 3 and 2)

By bekathwia


I took apart the Oura Ring - both gen 3 and gen 2 devices. This wearable tracks your heart rate and movement and especially focuses on sleep tracking. The folks at Lumafield were kind enough to scan the rings and charging base before I hacked at them with cutting tools, so we can look at the inside of the device through digital imaging as well as under a microscope. Thanks to David Cranor for lending his electrical engineering expertise.

Tools used in this teardown:

Parts we could identify on the Gen 2 Oura ring:

  • Crystal Oscillator AЯO9C
  • Cyrstal Oscollator T320 Px55
  • Battery Management IC - Texas Instruments BQ25120A
  • 2x Photodiodes
  • 2x Green LEDs
  • Multi-chip LED - Red, Infrared

gen 2

Parts we could identify on the Gen 3 Oura ring:

  • 3.7V 16mAh Lithium Battery - Grepow YE160723G
  • 2x Photodiodes
  • 2x Green LEDs
  • Multi-chip LED - Red, Infrared

gen 3

Parts we could identify on the charging base:

  • Crystal Resonator 13.5 A4L
  • Microcontroller
  • Flat Flex Connector

You can take a look at the CT scan of the Oura ring charging base on the Lumafield site (free account required). The scans of the rings required too much cleanup to make public.

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Key Parts and Components

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