New Product Discoveries - Siretta's SNYPER-LTE Graphyte and Mikroelectronika's MIKROE-3512 Fusion for ARM v8

In this episode of Digi-Key’s New Product Discoveries, we take a look at a cellular signal analyzer and logger from Siretta and a new, “swiss army knife” development board from Mikroelectronika.

The SNYPER-LTE Graphyte (USA) can perform a 4G/LTE, a 3G/UMTS, or a full combo survey. These can be performed remotely in a fixed location without requiring the user to be there monitoring. These multiple, sequential surveys will automatically save and be available as CSV files with summaries that are easily downloaded in an HTML graphical format.

The MIKROE-3512 Fusion for the ARM v8 development board is an innovative design created with students and universities in mind. This features the world’s first board with debugging and programming capability over Wi-Fi. It also hosts a hefty power supply module, display board connectors, and space for up to five Click™ boards (over 600 options to choose from). This diverse board is perfect to implement into a classroom setting.

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