Digi-Key IoT Cellular Data Plans

Digi-Key is happy to announce the new cellular data plans through RevX! These plans offer a fast and simple way to service your IoT devices. The SIM cards and plans are both sold through Digi-Key and can be found on the IoT Cellular Data Plans page within the IoT Resource Center.

This is meant to help simplify the process of provisioning SIM cards when dealing with IoT applications

  • Data plans range from 300 K to 5 GB per month
  • Unlimited SMS Messaging at a low fixed rate per/SMS
  • Pay only for connected devices
  • No setup or cancellation fees
  • No contract, quotas, or negotiations
  • Pooled data plans which save you money
  • Activate, change or pause plans anytime online

U.S. Anywhere plans - Currently these plans can support AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon

  • These plans are meant for customers deploying within the United states
    • Only plan that CAT-M1 devices will work on

North America – Currently this plan can support AT&T and can be deployed in the US / Mexico / Canada.

  • These plans are meant for customers deploying within the US / Mexico / Canada
    • Cat-M1 devices won’t work with this plan

International – Currently these plans can support Vodafone internationally

  • Plans are meant for customers planning on deploying outside of the United States
    • Cat-M1 devices won’t work with this plan

For more information and to follow through the sign-up process, please watch the video below.

Here is a link to all the RevX SIM cards on the Digi-Key website:

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