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Assmann WSW Components
RCA Audio Cables
Assmann WSW Components
RCA Cables
CNC Tech
3.5mm Stereo Cables

RCA Cables

RCA to RCA, Mono and Stereo Cables

Assmann WSW Components

Shielded black patch and multimedia cables.

  • Color:Black
  • Shielding:Shielded

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AK-AV202AK-AV202CABLE RCA MALE-FEMALE 2.5M Phono (RCA) JackPhono (RCA) PlugMono8.2' (2.50m)RoHS
AK-CHMF-015AK-CHMF-015CABLE 2RCA MALE-FEMALE 1.5M Phono (RCA) Jack (2)Phono (RCA) Plug (2)Stereo4.9' (1.50m)RoHS
AK-CHMF-025AK-CHMF-025CABLE 2RCA MALE-FEMALE 2.5M Phono (RCA) Jack (2)Phono (RCA) Plug (2)Stereo8.2' (2.50m)RoHS
AK-CHMF-050AK-CHMF-050CABLE 2RCA MALE-FEMALE 5M Phono (RCA) Jack (2)Phono (RCA) Plug (2)Stereo16.4' (5.00m)RoHS
AK-AV201AK-AV201CABLE RCA MALE-MALE 2.5M Phono (RCA) PlugPhono (RCA) PlugMono8.2' (2.50m)RoHS
AK-AV200AK-AV200CABLE RCA MALE-MALE 1.5M Phono (RCA) PlugPhono (RCA) PlugMono4.9' (1.50m)RoHS
AK302-2AK302-2CABLE RCA PHONO PLUG/PLUG Phono (RCA) PlugPhono (RCA) PlugMono6.6' (2.00m)RoHS
AK-CHMM-025AK-CHMM-025CABLE 2RCA MALE-MALE 2.5M Phono (RCA) Plug (2)Phono (RCA) Plug (2)Stereo8.2' (2.50m)RoHS
AK-CHMM-2AK-CHMM-2CABLE 2RCA MALE-MALE 2M Phono (RCA) Plug (2)Phono (RCA) Plug (2)Stereo6.6' (2.00m)RoHS
AK-CHMM-015AK-CHMM-015CABLE 2RCA MALE-MALE 1.5M Phono (RCA) Plug (2)Phono (RCA) Plug (2)Stereo4.9' (1.50m)RoHS
AK-CHMM-050AK-CHMM-050CABLE 2RCA MALE-MALE 5M Phono (RCA) Plug (2)Phono (RCA) Plug (2)Stereo16.4' (5.00m)RoHS

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