EZR-LEDK2W-915: EZRadio Link, 915 MHz


The Silicon laboratories Si4455 EZRadio Two-Way Link Demo Kit (P/N EZR-LEDK2W-XXX) contains everything you need to familiarize yourself with and evaluate the Si4455 transceiver. The kit has three versions: one for the 434 MHz band, one for the 868 MHz band, and one for the 915 MHz band.

The key features of the demo kit are as follows:

  • The demo boards have four LEDs to display information and four push-buttons to receive user commands.

  • The provided software pack contains all the documentation and files needed to develop a user application.

  • The kit supports the use of the Silicon Laboratories Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for software debugging and the use of the Keil & SDCC C compiler, assembler, and linker toolchain.

  • The kit supports the use of the Wireless Development Suit (WDS) for setting radio parameters & managing application firmware.

  • The demo boards come with the Si4455 range test demo application. The range test demo implements Packet Error Rate (PER) measurement. PER is a commonly-used technique for measuring the quality of RF links in wireless systems under particular conditions.


Manufacturer Silicon Labs
Category Wireless Communication
Sub-Category Transceivers - TXRX
Eval Board Part Number 336-2284-ND
Eval Board Supplier Silicon Labs
Eval Board Normally In Stock
Protocol FSK
Data Rate (Max) 20 kbps
128 kbps
Frequency 915 MHz
Range - Not Given
Features Range Test
Component Count + Extras 60 + 4
Design Author Silicon Laboratories
Application / Target Market Medical
RF: Remote Controls
RF: Wireless Sensor
Main I.C. Base Part Si4455
Date Created By Author 2013-01
Date Added To Library 2013-09

Eval Board

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