EVAL-433-HHLR: 433MHz Reciever


Linx OEM RF transmitters offer a simple, efficient, and cost-effective method of adding remote control and command capabilities to any product. The Basic Evaluation Kit is intended to give a designer all the tools necessary to correctly incorporate Linx OEM transmitters and receiver modules into a product. This guide will show how to take full advantage of the basic evaluation board that is included with the kit.

The evaluation board serves several important functions:

  • Rapid Evaluation - It allows the performance of the transmitters and receivers to be evaluated quickly in a user's environment.

  • Range Testing - Using the OEM transmitter and the included development board, a simplex transmission is generated that can be used to evaluate the range performance of the products.

  • Design Benchmark - During the design process of your product, the kit provides a known benchmark against which the performance of your own design may be judged.

  • Prototype Development - An on-board prototyping area is provided, which allows for additional circuitry to be placed directly on the board so that it can act as the first prototype of the product. All of the signals are available on a breakout header for easy connection to external circuitry.


Manufacturer Linx Technologies Inc.
Category Wireless Communication
Sub-Category Receivers
Eval Board Part Number EVAL-433-HHLR-ND
Eval Board Supplier Linx Technologies Inc.
Eval Board -
Frequency 433 MHz
Protocol ASK
Design Author Linx
Component Count + Extras 18 + 0
Application / Target Market Remote Controls
Main I.C. Base Part RXM-433-LR_
Date Created By Author 2011-04
Date Added To Library 2012-06

Eval Board


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