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Yamaichi Electronics

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Image of Yamaichi Electronics' CNU113-314-2202-VE Automotive Grade MXM3.1 Connector

CNU113-314-2201-VE Automotive Grade MXM3.1 Connector

Yamaichi's high-speed, 314-pin MXM3.1 connector is automotive-compliant.

Image of Yamaichi Electronics' HFU106 FAKRA Connectors

HFU106P-5001-0A-VE FAKRA Connectors

Yamaichi's HFU106P-5001-0A-VE FAKRA connectors are RoHS compliant.

Image of Yamaichi Electronics' FPS009 Series SD Card Connectors

FPS009-4200-0 SD Card Connector

Yamaichi's FPS009-4200-0 SD is a 9 position card connector.

About Yamaichi Electronics

Yamaichi Electronics USA, Inc. (YEU), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Yamaichi Electronics Company, LTD. was founded in 1983 in Palo Alto and has since maintained steady growth of Yamaichi products in the United States. Their product line includes test and burn-in sockets, production connectors, as well as high and standard density connectors. Yamaichi’s continued development and manufacture of high quality and reliable products is making a major contribution to industries that are fulfilling a wide-range of information technology needs.