- Vesper offers the first piezoelectric MEMS microphones that withstand real-world use in smartphones and other connected devices. Vesper’s are the only MEMS microphones rugged enough to withstand water, dust and particle contaminants and enable battery-powered always-on voice-first applications.

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VM3000 Digital MEMS Microphone

Vesper's VM3000 digital MEMS microphone features a pulse density modulation (PDM) output enabling multiplexing of two microphones on a single data line. Learn More

VM2020 Piezoelectric MEMS Microphone

Vesper's VM2020 ultra-high AOP, high dynamic range piezoelectric MEMS microphone is ideal for outdoor and echo cancellation applications. Learn More

VM1000 Piezoelectric MEMS Microphones

Vesper's VM1000 is a low-noise, high dynamic range, single-ended analog output piezoelectric MEMS microphone. Learn More

VM1010 ZeroPower Listening™ Piezoelectric MEMS Microphones

Vesper's VM1010 is a low-noise, single-ended analog MEMS microphone with a Wake-on-Sound mode providing an ultra-low power always-listening solution. Learn More

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High AOP Homepod speaker Demo

This video will show Vesper's High AOP Homepod speaker.

Vesper’s Microphone

Here’s how Vesper’s microphone works.

Vesper’s piezoelectric MEMS microphone works under water

Vesper’s piezoelectric MEMS microphone is fully operational when immersed in water. In fact, it can even work like a hydrophone so it can capture sounds that are otherwise impossible to record.

Save 10x Battery with Vesper’s Wake-on-Sound Dev Board for Voice-Activated Products

Vesper’s VM1010 piezoelectric MEMS microphone with ZeroPower Listening, DSP Group’s DBMD6 DSP, and Sensory’s keyword-detection algorithm – increases battery life from 8 hours in always-listening mode.

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