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- Vishay’s product portfolio is an unmatched collection of discrete semiconductors (diodes, MOSFETs, and optoelectronics) and passive components (resistors, inductors, and capacitors). These components are used in virtually all types of electronic devices and equipment in the industrial, computing, automotive, consumer, telecommunications, military, aerospace, and medical markets. Vishay is proud to be a major partner with Digi-Key.

600 V E Series MOSFETs

Image of Vishay's E Series Power MOSFET

Vishay's 600 V E series MOSFETs in PowerPAK® 8 mm x 8 mm feature Kelvin connections to reduce gate-drive inductance. Learn More

VLD Series LEDs

Image of Vishay's VLD Series LEDs

Vishay's series of super red, red, amber, and yellow ultra-bright LEDs feature compact SMD packages with dome lenses. Learn More

WSLP Power Metal Strip Resistors

Image of Vishay/Dale's WSLP Power Metal Strip Current Sense Resistors

Vishay Dale introduces WSLP power metal strip resistors, very high power (up to 3 W), low value (down to 0.0005 Ω), surface mount. Learn More

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Featured Products

Image of Vishay/Vitramon's QUAD HiFREQ Series


Vishay has introduced a series of high-power, surface-mount, multilayer ceramic chip capacitors (MLCCs) in the quad 0505 and 1111 case sizes. Learn More

Image of Vishay Semiconductor/Diodes Division's SMBJxxD - TransZorb® TVS

SMBJxxD TransZorb® TVS

Vishay Intertechnology introduces a series of surface-mount TransZorb transient voltage suppressors (TVS) in the low-profile DO-214AA package. Learn More

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Image of TVS parts with much larger coins for scale

TVS in eSMP Packages for Engineers Only

Vishay's TVS eSMP package improves on previous Vishay TVS products in similar package types by combining ESD transient protection with a superior surge clamping capability

Learn More
Image of Vishay Semiconductor Diodes' SMC5K Surface Mount TransZorb® Transient Voltage Suppressors

SMC5K Surface Mount TransZorb® Transient Voltage Suppressors

Vishay Semiconductor Diodes' SMC5K TransZorb® transient voltage suppressors offer 5,000 W peak pulse power capability with a 10/1000 μs waveform.

Learn More
Image of Vishay proximity sensors

VCNL4X Series Proximity Sensors for Engineers Only

Vishay’s proximity and ambient light sensors provide a comprehensive range of package types for a wide range of applications.

Learn More
vPolyTan™ Polymer Capacitors For Engineers Only

vPolyTan™ Polymer Capacitors For Engineers Only

Vishay vPolyTan Polymer Capacitor family presents advantages over traditional MLCC, standard Tantalum, and Aluminum capacitors.

Learn More
ESD Protection Diodes For Engineers Only

ESD Protection Diodes For Engineers Only

Vishay’s Ultra-Compact ESD protection Diodes optimize performance by offering low capacitance and leakage current to protect your high speed data lines.

Learn More
Solid State Relays VOR Series For Engineers Only

VOR Series Solid State Relays For Engineers Only

Vishay’s VOR Series of Solid State Relays (SSRs) offer an economical, bounce-free switching alternative to traditional Electro Mechanical Relays (EMRs).

Learn More

Tools & Support

Vishay Toolbox Thumbnail

Engineer's Toolbox

The Engineer's Toolbox highlights, by market application, some innovative components Vishay manufactures that help design engineers develop superior end products. We recognize that offering unique component solutions helps improve the performance of next-generation devices, overcome technical barriers, and create new markets. Learn More

Image of Vishay's Pulse Energy Calculator

Pulse Energy Calculator

Vishay's new Joule School online pulse energy calculator is a free service that helps designers select the right wirewound resistor for their application. The tool allows designers to determine the energy of a pulse that could go through a resistor in their application. Learn More

Image of Vishay's Inductors 101

Inductors 101

Inductors 101 is your guide to Vishay’s inductor technologies and the applications they are used in. Learn about magnetic core types and materials, electrical specifications, factors affecting performance, and more. Learn More

Image of Vishay's IHSM Inductors

IHSM Inductors Selection Guide

Surface-mount power inductors for commercial applications. Learn More

Image of Vishay's Internet of Things

Internet of Things

COMPONENTS FOR THE INTERNET OF THINGS: Broad portfolio of passive and active components optimally suited for the "Things" being controlled through IoT applications. Learn More

Image of Vishay's Super 12

Vishay Super 12 Products 2017

Vishay’s Super 12 collection showcases the company’s industry-leading capabilities in semiconductor and passive devices and provides a cross-section of Vishay’s very broad product portfolio. Learn More

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Image of Vishay's NTC LUG

NTC Lug Temperature Sensors

Duration: 5 minutes

This presentation will discuss the features and benefits, product line-up, and applications for the NTC LUG Temperature Sensors.


Automotive Qualified Platinum Thin Film Temperature Sensors

Duration: 10 minutes

This presentation will introduce Vishay's Automotive Qualified Platinum Thin Film RTD Sensors (PTS AT series), which are used for temperature sensing and measurement applications.

Image of Vishay Beyschlag MM HV MELF resistor

MM HV High Voltage Thin Film MELF Resistors

Duration: 5 minutes

An overview of the MM HV MELF resistor family, including key functional performance parameters, design, features, benefits, and typical applications.


MM and SMM Thin Film MELF Resistor Series

Duration: 10 minutes

This presentation will introduce the MM and SMM Thin Film MELF Resistor Series.

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Resistors: Vishay Dale Power Metal Strip® - WSHM/WSHP

WSHM2818/WSHP2818 Power Metal Strip® resistors provide superior thermal performance advantage through their construction design. Learn more about the specifications of these products, and we’ll demonstrate the use of our pulse capability calculator.

Publish Date: 2018-08-01

VOR Solid-State Relays

In this video Vishay will cover what is a relay, solid-state switch versus solid state relay, as well as target markets and applications of the VOR family of Solid-state relays.

Publish Date: 2018-05-31

VEMD8080 PIN Photodiode for Wearable Applications

Introducing the VEMD8080, a high-speed PIN photodiode with enhanced sensitivity for visible light and offered in a slim sensor package that is ideal for wearable applications.

Publish Date: 2018-05-24

TCUT1630X01 Transmissive Optical Sensor

This video highlights the TCUT1630X01 which is a unique 3-Channel Slotted Interrupter for Turn and Push Applications.

Publish Date: 2018-04-03

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