- Quadcept is a leading EDA software company in Osaka, Japan.

Quadcept offers innovative online CAD solutions for circuit and PCB design where user only pay a monthly or annual fee, no hidden costs. No initial, maintenance, or version upgrade fee.

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Quadcept - Property window Object window

This section explains the property window and the object window as useful functions. The property of a selected object can be confirmed and changed in a moment on the property window an the attributes of multiple objects can be changed at once.

Quadcept - GRID GUIDE

GRID is the reference lines at the constant interval. It can easily be changed at the bottom of the screen. GUIDE is the intervals to snap the cursor when the crusor gets close. With the arrow keys you can move your cursor at a constant interval.

Quadcept - Screen

Use your mouse wheel to zoom your screen in and out. You can also move your screen by clicking and holding the right button and dragging your mouse till you adjust your view.

Quadcept - Digi-Key connection

Quadcept is now cooperating with Digi-Key, one of the largest online component distributor with direct interface. User has direct access up to 4 million components on Digi-Key from Quadcept and select components by keyword search or filtering.

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