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MoSys, Inc. has been developing memory-based products for close to 20 years. It started with the development of the 1-T (transistor) memory IP. The 1 T-SRAM has access speeds close to SRAM but supports a density that approaches that of an RLDRAM. Most memory manufacturers have focused on memory features of speed or density with the belief that one size fits all. As part of MoSys’ memory evolution, common tasks done in many systems were identified and added as intelligent in-memory functions to the memory to execute faster. This created the family of accelerator engines.

These accelerator engines are large high-speed memories, now with optional in-memory accelerator functions whose use depend on applications where higher levels of performance are needed each accelerator engine is a combination of capabilities: 1) High capacity memory of 576 Mb or 1.152 Gb with a tRC of 3.2 ns; 2) High-speed embedded in-memory functions (intelligence), which include BURST and RMW; and 3) a MoSys provided high bandwidth RTL controller.

The Blazar family of accelerator engines provides a system architect/designer acceleration options encompassing software and hardware options that no competing product can offer.