- Khatod, a front-runner in LED lighting solutions, offers you the opportunity to use our in-depth optical, technical and mechanical know-how to considerably improve the efficiency of your final applications. The reduced energy costs achieved with LEDs, along with the possibility of pairing with the new technologies developed by Khatod for LED Lighting applications, make LEDs and Khatod Optical Systems the perfect match. We will merge our capabilities with your requirements in order to achieve the best performance with your lighting appliances.

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SiO3 JUNIOR Silicone Lens

Khatod's SiO3 JUNIOR silicone lens work with COB LEDs having 9 mm to 23 mm LES and are designed to comply with IP and IK rating. Learn More

STOCK and SHOP Lenses

Khatod's STOCK and SHOP 11 x 3 lens arrays are box-shaped single-microlenses designed for mid-power LEDs. Learn More

SiO Lenses

Khatod's SiO lenses are UV-resistant with no yellowing effect, provide excellent transparency, low absorption of light, high efficiency in light distribution, and provide high flexibility even at low temperatures. Learn More

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