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HMS was founded based on an innovative university thesis project in 1988 and has grown at break-neck speed ever since. Innovation and growth are still important cornerstones for HMS, and it takes pride in delivering world-class solutions for industrial communication. Thirty years after the company’s founding, its ambition remains the same: working closely with its customers to provide easy-to-use, sustainable communication solutions which save users time and money. For thousands of companies around the world, HMS is a trusted partner for industrial communication. HMS is there from first product specification to full-scale production, while assisting with technical services during the product life cycle.

HMS products handle business-critical data that keeps production lines, factories, telecommunications, and industrial machinery running. This puts high demands on quality and reliability. Quality and sustainability have always been at the heart of the HMS offering and everything it does, from selecting suppliers through product development, manufacturing, and customer service. According to customer surveys, it is the high quality and the longevity that customers appreciate most about HMS solutions.

HMS has three divisions: Anybus, IXXAT, and eWON. With Anybus, customers can connect any industrial device to any industrial network, wired or wirelessly. IXXAT products enable communication inside machines and between components. eWon remote solutions allow users to access, monitor, and control industrial machinery online.

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