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Gamma Electronics

Image of Gamma Electronics' SDL-SMA-60 Silicon Cold Shrink

SDL-SMA-60 Silicone Cold Shrink

Designed specifically for RPSMA connectors, the Gamma SDL-SMA-60 is the smallest version of silicone cold shrink you'll find.

Image of Gamma Electronics' BT-X10-COAX25 Weather Protection Boot

BT-X10-COAX25 Weather Protection Boot

The boot successfully provides IP68 rated weather protection for both types of connectors when on a quarter inch sized cable

Image of Gamma Electronics' Magic Tape

Magic Tape

Gamma Magic Tape makes it possible to weatherproof the seemingly impossible.

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About Gamma Electronics

Gamma Electronics was founded in 2006 and began the production of heat shrink and heat shinkable boots for the defense and aerospace industries. Over the following years Gamma has continued to produce cable protection products and revolutionized their market in 2015 with the introduction of silicone cold shrink. Their cold shrink was also the first cold shrink tubing to become IP68 certified. From these successes they were able to strengthen their cable protection product line, adding quality weatherproofing solutions including Magic Tape, slide-on boots, and slide locks.