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About Displaytech

Displaytech, a SEACOMP company, specializes in small to mid-size LCDs and providing superior technical support to our customers within industrial, consumer, and medical industries. Their LCD products include touchscreen TFTs, monochrome graphic LCDs, and character display modules. Displaytech is headquartered in Carlsbad, California with an in-house engineering team available to provide technical support and design services. Displaytech offers over 25 years of experience and is RoHS, REACH, ISO-9001, ISO-13845, and ISO-16949 certified.

Displaytech formed in 1989 and was acquired by SEACOMP in 2012. SEACOMP helps innovators deliver awesome products to the global marketplace through its three divisions: Displaytech, HDP Power, and MH Manufacturing. SEACOMP divisions provide LCD displays, power solutions, engineering, and electronics manufacturing services for today’s products.

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