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Image of ChromeLED's SMD LED


ChromeLED's SMD LEDs feature a compact package design which is compatible with automated placement equipment.

Image of ChromeLED's SMD LED Display

SMD LED Display

ChromeLED's display features an ultra-thin design that is perfect for space limited applications. Innovative SMD technology permits automated assembly.

Image of ChromeLED's High Power LED

High Power LED

Discover ChromeLED's high-power series ranging from 0.5W to 3W. Unique package design offers performance exceeding most bulbs.

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About ChromeLED

ChromeLED Corporation is an LED solution provider for the electronics industry. Their primary focus is to serve customers globally by manufacturing innovative products, while maintaining the highest quality standards. ChromeLED has an extensive product selection offering PLCC LEDs, SMD LEDs, through-hole LEDs, displays, and LED lighting solutions. Over the past decade by investing in strong R&D, combined with flexible manufacturing, the ChromeLED line of products continues to expand and contour towards the LED markets growing needs.