Bud Industries Custom Enclosures

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Bud and Digi-Key are a one stop shopping point for complete purchases of enclosures or racks. Most applications cannot use a standard enclosure because of input and output holes or cutouts, special colors or finishes, mounting configuration. Digi-Key and BUD can provide these value- added services. For more information on Bud Industries available options or if you need assistance, contact Please send requests or drawings to the aforementioned e-mail address.

How to Customize Your Enclosure

What Bud Can Do

  • Changing sizes
  • Special finishes
  • Installing accessories
  • Adding silk screening
  • Adding holes or cutouts
  • Providing special packaging
  • Offering unique shapes & sizes at low tooling cost
  • Offering EMI/RFI shielding on plastics

It is simple for Bud to take a standard box ...

  • Use their automated equipment to perfectly machine the holes and other modifications for electronics enclosures
  • Their capabilities have recently doubled to do modifications with new equipment and processes - improving deliveries and quality
  • To create what you need, whether it is simple ...
  • Or much more complex
  • Each hole is created to exacting standards
  • They can also machine slots, special shaped cutouts, and provide silk screening, etc.

It Does Not Stop With Modifications

Video: Bud Industries Digital Printer Introduction

Video: Custom BUD Box Enclosures – Another Geek Moment

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