Botron Company Inc.

- Botron Company Inc. is a provider of ESD-safe and static control equipment. Founded by Robert C. Hooley Jr., Botron has serviced the EOS/ESD industry since the 1980s. It has always been their goal to consistently offer the highest quality products at the lowest prices. From the early days, Botron has been a company that has been approachable, a company with a philosophy of developing relationships with its users. Botron's static control products are not just some piece of equipment packed up in a box; users receive one-on-one support from the moment they first call. Every customer is treated the same whether their orders are large or small.


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Botron’s ELITE ESD Tester

The Elite ESD Data Acquisition Tester, revolutionary and sate-of-the-art ESD test equipment. Test ESD wrist straps and both right and left foot individually.

Botron’s ELITE ESD Turnstile

Some raw footage of Botrons' working prototype ELITE Turnstile System. A fully integrated ELITE ESD Tester and Turnstile: from the footplates to PLC relays to the barcode scanner.

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