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- Alorium Technology provides FPGA-based embedded computing platforms for advanced makers, embedded systems, and the Industrial IoT. Alorium offers products and solutions that help users rapidly create a strong initial prototype and support final production integration.

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Evo M51 Compute Module

Alorium’s Evo M51 offers approachable, FPGA-enhanced, embedded system-on-module solutions. Learn More

Hinj™ FPGA Sensor Hub and Development Kit

Alorium Technology's Hinj™ is powered by a 50 K LE MAX® 10 FPGA, providing the most available custom logic gates in the Intel® MAX 10 family. Learn More

Snō™ Arduino-Compatible FPGA System on Module

Alorium's Snō is an Arduino-compatible FPGA SoM in a compact footprint that has an embedded 8-bit AVR instruction set compatible microcontroller. Learn More

SnōMākr™ Breakout Board for Snō System on Module

Alorium's SnōMākr™ breakout board works in conjunction with Snō FPGA module to provide prototyping through access to signal I/O in the familiar Arduino layout. Learn More

XLR8™ Arduino-Compatible FPGA Development Board

Alorium's XLR8 is a drop-in replacement for an Arduino Uno with out-of-the-box Arduino simplicity with FPGA performance, speed, and precision. Learn More

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Alorium Technology Intel MAX 10 FPGA Platforms

Alorium Technology Intel MAX 10 FPGA Platforms

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