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- Carl Weller started the Weller Electric Co. in Easton, PA in 1945 with the invention of the soldering gun. He was looking for a way to service the rapidly growing radio repair market. That invention was followed by the first soldering iron in 1950, followed by the first temperature controlled soldering iron in 1976.


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Image of Apex Tool's WE1010NA Soldering Station

WE1010NA Soldering Station

Apex Tool Group's WE1010NA soldering station provides 70 W of power which is 40% more compared to the WES/WESD stations.

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Image of Apex Tool Group/Weller's WXA2 Station

WXA2 Station

The Apex Tool Group WXA2 rework system delivers unprecedented versatility, performance, power, and peripheral management on one single-platform solution.

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Image of Apex Tool Group/Weller's WSA350 Smoke Absorber

WSA350 Smoke Absorber

Apex Tool Group's WSA350 smoke absorber removes flux fumes from the benchtop by drawing the smoke through an activated carbon filter.

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Image of Apex Tool Group/Weller's WPS18MP Soldering Iron

High Performance Soldering Iron

Apex Tool Group's 18 W, WPS18MP soldering iron heats to 900°F in 35 seconds and requires no stand due to the elevated tip.

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Image of Apex Tool Group/Weller's WHP200N Infrared Under Board Heater

WHP200N Infrared Under Board Heater

Apex Tool Group's WHP200N, infrared, under-board heater is designed for use on small, multilayer PCBs and employs one 200 W infrared lamp.

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Image of Apex Tool Group/Weller's WX 2 Soldering Station

WX 2 Soldering Station

Apex Tool Group's WX 2, easy-to-use, two-channel soldering system features a graphic LC display, multi-purpose USB port, and energy-saving sleep mode.

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WD2-2M Electronic Soldering Stations

Duration: 10 minutes

WD2/2M soldering systems review including the electrical and mechanical specifications, various models, and tool selection options.


WD1 – WD1M Overview

Duration: 10 minutes

The WD series have power unit wattages of 95W for the WD1 and 160W for the WD1M. Each contains three default preset temperatures to be selected.

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Weller WXR 3 Rework Station

WXR 3 Rework station -- up to every challenge. Soldering, desoldering, hot air and component pick-up. Perfect for use in Laboratories and on rework benches. The WXR 3 station comes with all benefits of the WX product family.

Publish Date: 2018-05-22

Weller WE 1010 Soldering Station

The new Weller 1-channel robust soldering station with 70 W for custom applications.

Publish Date: 2018-05-22

Weller WTQB 1000 Rework Station

Weller introduces a new SMD rework system, the WTQB 1000, enabling the user to easily and efficiently perform desoldering, pad-cleaning, positioning and soldering.

Publish Date: 2017-04-13

Weller WT1/WT1H/WTHA1 Series Soldering Irons/Hot Air Station Overview

The new, powerful WT soldering stations set new standards in user-friendliness. The detailed LC display enables an unprecedented overview of all functions, quick and easy to reach via the new user-friendly menu button.

Publish Date: 2017-04-13

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