Surge Protector

BSP Series Surge Protector

Thomas Research Products

This presentation will provide a general understanding of the need for surge protection for outdoor luminaires, an overview of the BSP product line, plus guideline for appropriate application of the product.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionVoltage - ClampingVoltageAvailable QuantityView Details
BSP3-277 datasheet linkSURGE PROTECTOR 277V DRIVERBSP3-277SURGE PROTECTOR 277V DRIVER1.5kV277V5056 - Immediate
BSP3-277 product page link
BSP3-480-LC datasheet linkSURGE PROTECTOR 480V DRIVERBSP3-480-LCSURGE PROTECTOR 480V DRIVER2.5kV480V114 - Immediate
BSP3-480-LC product page link
BSP3-277-LC datasheet linkSURGE PROTECTOR 277V DRIVERBSP3-277-LCSURGE PROTECTOR 277V DRIVER1.5kV277V161 - Immediate
BSP3-277-LC product page link
BSP3-120 datasheet linkSURGE PROTECTOR 120V DRIVERBSP3-120SURGE PROTECTOR 120V DRIVER600V120V263 - Immediate
BSP3-120 product page link
BSP3-480 datasheet linkSURGE PROTECTOR 480V DRIVERBSP3-480SURGE PROTECTOR 480V DRIVER2.5kV480V369 - Immediate
BSP3-480 product page link
BSP3-208/240-LC datasheet linkSURGE PROTECTOR 208/240V DRIVERBSP3-208/240-LCSURGE PROTECTOR 208/240V DRIVER1kV240V213 - Immediate
BSP3-208/240-LC product page link
BSP3-120-LC datasheet linkSURGE PROTECTOR 120V DRIVERBSP3-120-LCSURGE PROTECTOR 120V DRIVER600V120V74 - Immediate
BSP3-120-LC product page link
BSP3-208/240 datasheet linkSURGE PROTECTOR 208/240V DRIVERBSP3-208/240SURGE PROTECTOR 208/240V DRIVER1kV240V28 - Immediate
BSP3-208/240 product page link
BSP3-347-LC datasheet linkSURGE PROTECTOR 347V DRIVERBSP3-347-LCSURGE PROTECTOR 347V DRIVER1.9kV347V48 - Immediate
BSP3-347-LC product page link
BSP3-347 datasheet linkSURGE PROTECTOR 347V DRIVERBSP3-347SURGE PROTECTOR 347V DRIVER1.9kV347V3 - Immediate
BSP3-347 product page link
PTM Published on: 2012-06-28