LF xx10 Series

LF xx10 Range Overview


This presentation will outline LEM’s LF ‘10’ series products, detail closed-loop transducers and the LEM Cygnus ASIC they use for improved performance, and review the improvements of the LF ‘10’ series.

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Part List

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingFor MeasuringSensor TypeAvailable QuantityView Details
LF 210-S datasheet linkCUR TRANSDUCER CLO LOOP 200ALF 210-SCUR TRANSDUCER CLO LOOP 200ABulkAC/DCHall Effect, Closed Loop126 - Immediate
LF 210-S product page link
LF 310-S datasheet linkC/L, ASIC 300A PANEL MOUNTLF 310-SC/L, ASIC 300A PANEL MOUNTBulkAC/DCHall Effect, Closed Loop244 - Immediate
LF 310-S product page link
LF 510-S datasheet linkC/L, ASIC 500A PANEL MOUNTLF 510-SC/L, ASIC 500A PANEL MOUNTBulkAC/DCHall Effect, Closed Loop379 - Immediate
LF 510-S product page link
LF 1010-S datasheet linkC/L, ASIC 1000A PANEL MOUNTLF 1010-SC/L, ASIC 1000A PANEL MOUNTBulkAC/DCHall Effect, Closed Loop39 - Immediate
LF 1010-S product page link
LF 2010-S datasheet linkC/L, ASIC 2000A PANEL MOUNTLF 2010-SC/L, ASIC 2000A PANEL MOUNTBulkAC/DCHall Effect, Closed Loop38 - Immediate
LF 2010-S product page link
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PTM Published on: 2015-12-11