Metal Current Sensor

Metal Current Sensor, Low TCR - PA Series

Yageo's metal current sensor low TCR chip resistor PA series is AEC-Q200 qualified for automotive grade requirements. Case size 2512 is available at Digi-Key. It offers resistance range of 1 mΩ to 5 mΩ, tolerance of ±1%, ±5% and low TCR of ±100 ppm/°C, with power rating of 1, 2 and 3 W.


Yageo PA Series

PA Series

Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingPart StatusResistanceAvailable Quantity
PA2512FKF7W0R005ERES 0.005 OHM 1% 2W 2512Cut Tape (CT)Active5 mOhms11399 - ImmediateView Details
PA2512FKF070R002ERES 0.002 OHM 1% 1W 2512Cut Tape (CT)Active2 mOhms11187 - ImmediateView Details
PA2512FKF070R001ERES 0.001 OHM 1% 1W 2512Cut Tape (CT)Active1 mOhms4508 - ImmediateView Details
PA2512FKF7W0R003ERES 0.003 OHM 1% 2W 2512Cut Tape (CT)Active3 mOhms8708 - ImmediateView Details
PA2512FKF7W0R004ERES 0.004 OHM 1% 2W 2512Cut Tape (CT)Active4 mOhms4133 - ImmediateView Details
PA2512FKF070R004ERES 0.004 OHM 1% 1W 2512Cut Tape (CT)Active4 mOhms4171 - ImmediateView Details
PA0402-R-070RLMETAL CURRENT SENSOR-LOW T.C.R CCut Tape (CT)Active0 Ohms10000 - ImmediateView Details
PA2512FKF7W0R002ERES 0.002 OHM 1% 2W 2512Cut Tape (CT)Active2 mOhms2847 - ImmediateView Details
PA2512FKF7W0R001ERES 0.001 OHM 1% 2W 2512Cut Tape (CT)Active1 mOhms2369 - ImmediateView Details
PA2512FKF070R005ERES 0.005 OHM 1% 1W 2512Cut Tape (CT)Active5 mOhms0View Details
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