The number of applications for state-of-the-art industrial robots is growing all the time. From automotive and aircraft construction to the pharmaceutical industry, logistics and metal processing, the latest generation of industrial robots can handle ever more complex tasks. As a manufacturer of robot and control technology, you need to be ready for the future - a future where flexibility, optimum configuration options, high productivity and efficiency determine your customers’ success. TE Connectivity (TE) works with you to meet this challenge. With their innovative technology, experience and creativity, TE can develop the precise products you need to boost reliability, precision and energy efficiency and give you a competitive edge on the market.

Field Connectivity

Industrial Communication


Precision Power

Control Panel / Cabinet

Board Connectivity

Cable Assemblies

Sensor Solutions

Efficiency to the Factory Floor

With the drive towards Industry 4.0 trends, the use of robotic, automation and control systems on the factory floor have become commonplace to increase efficiency, productivity and profitability. As the need for industrial robotic automation advances, sensing technology will continue to be the foundation for data collection that will help transform manufacturing floors into connected, cost effective, and reliable facilities. TE offers numerous force, temperature, pressure and position sensors that provide highly accurate measurements for precise movement control and accurate monitoring of system components for preventative maintenance.

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