Dynamic Series Connectors

TE Connectivity AMP dynamic series are rugged connectors designed for signal and power circuits requiring high density

Image of TE Connectivity AMP's Dynamic SeriesTE Connectivity AMP dynamic series consists of wire-to-wire, wire-to-board, and wire-to-panel connectors available at Digi-Key for immediate delivery to meet most design applications.

The high performance contact area of the Dynamic series prevents chance of disconnection over time, box contact provides three points of contact to ensure constant flow of electricity minimizing downtime associated with contact failures, and is made of highly conductive material with gold plated versions also available. The robust housing structure provides clear visible circuit numbers, robust retention legs and contacts for addition strength activating as a strain relief, and vibration resistance to withstand rugged environments. The housings are keyed to prevent mis-mating and misalignment with positive audible locking sound when inserting the connector. Diverse housings and different positions allow the maximum design flexibility for your design.

AMP Dynamic Series Connectors Overview

Headers/Male Pins

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
1-1123309-2 datasheet linkCONN HEADER 4POS R/A KEY-XX 15AU1-1123309-2CONN HEADER 4POS R/A KEY-XX 15AU3080 - Immediate
1-1123309-2 product page link
1-1318123-1 datasheet linkCONN HEADER 3POS STR KEY-X 15AU1-1318123-1CONN HEADER 3POS STR KEY-X 15AU2238 - Immediate
1-1318123-1 product page link
1-1376009-1 datasheet linkCONN HDR 8POS1-1376009-1CONN HDR 8POS323 - Immediate
1-1376009-1 product page link
1-1123624-2 datasheet linkCONN HEADR 9POS R/A KEY-XXX 15AU1-1123624-2CONN HEADR 9POS R/A KEY-XXX 15AU724 - Immediate
1-1123624-2 product page link
1-1318983-6 datasheet linkCONN HEADER 4POS R/A KEY-XX SLV1-1318983-6CONN HEADER 4POS R/A KEY-XX SLV3431 - Immediate
1-1318983-6 product page link
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Free Hanging/Panel Mount

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionConnector TypeContact TypeAvailable QuantityView Details
1-1827691-2 datasheet linkDYNATAP 3200 TAP ASSY 24P1-1827691-2DYNATAP 3200 TAP ASSY 24PPlugTab276 - Immediate
1-1827691-2 product page link
1-1871940-4 datasheet linkDYNAMIC 1900D REC ASSY CAGE 8P1-1871940-4DYNAMIC 1900D REC ASSY CAGE 8PReceptacleFemale Socket575 - Immediate
1-1871940-4 product page link
1-2134249-3 datasheet linkD3900 SPRING CLAMP REC 3P W/OSEA1-2134249-3D3900 SPRING CLAMP REC 3P W/OSEAReceptacleFemale Socket01-2134249-3 product page link
1-2134249-0 datasheet linkD3900 SPRING CLAMP REC 10P W/OSE1-2134249-0D3900 SPRING CLAMP REC 10P W/OSEReceptacleFemale Socket01-2134249-0 product page link
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
1-1827864-2 datasheet linkCONN 4POS DUAL RECEPT1-1827864-2CONN 4POS DUAL RECEPT4823 - Immediate
1-1827864-2 product page link
1-1827864-3 datasheet linkCONN RCPT HSNG 6POS DUAL KEY X1-1827864-3CONN RCPT HSNG 6POS DUAL KEY X3256 - Immediate
1-1827864-3 product page link
1-1827579-1 datasheet linkCONN RCPT HOUSING 3POS D1500T1-1827579-1CONN RCPT HOUSING 3POS D1500T6865 - Immediate
1-1827579-1 product page link
1-1827863-3 datasheet linkCONN RCPT HSNG 26POS DUAL KEY X1-1827863-3CONN RCPT HSNG 26POS DUAL KEY X2178 - Immediate
1-1827863-3 product page link
1-1473074-3 datasheet linkCONN RCPT 3POS D-2100 W/O LOCK1-1473074-3CONN RCPT 3POS D-2100 W/O LOCK331 - Immediate
1-1473074-3 product page link


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
1-175195-3 datasheet linkCONN RCPT 20-24AWG CRIMP 30GOLD1-175195-3CONN RCPT 20-24AWG CRIMP 30GOLD35228 - Immediate
1-175195-3 product page link
1-175194-2 datasheet linkCONN RCPT 24-28AWG CRIMP 15GOLD1-175194-2CONN RCPT 24-28AWG CRIMP 15GOLD31189 - Immediate
1-175194-2 product page link
1-175195-5 datasheet linkCONN RCPT 20-24AWG CRIMP TIN1-175195-5CONN RCPT 20-24AWG CRIMP TIN24500 - Immediate
1-175195-5 product page link
1-175194-5 datasheet linkCONN RCPT 24-28AWG CRIMP TIN1-175194-5CONN RCPT 24-28AWG CRIMP TIN20000 - Immediate
1-175194-5 product page link
1-175195-2 datasheet linkCONN RCPT 20-24AWG CRIMP 15GOLD1-175195-2CONN RCPT 20-24AWG CRIMP 15GOLD7000 - Immediate
1-175195-2 product page link
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTool TypeFor Use With/Related ProductsAvailable QuantityView Details
234168-1 datasheet linkTOOL EXTRACTION DYNAMIC D-3000234168-1TOOL EXTRACTION DYNAMIC D-3000Extraction ToolRectangular Connector Contacts256 - Immediate
234168-1 product page link
1276716-1 datasheet linkTOOL EXTRACTION DYNAMIC 20001276716-1TOOL EXTRACTION DYNAMIC 2000Extraction ToolTerminals31 - Immediate
1276716-1 product page link
1762846-1 datasheet linkTOOL HAND CRIMPER 22-28AWG SIDE1762846-1TOOL HAND CRIMPER 22-28AWG SIDEHand CrimperRectangular Contacts, 22-28 AWG5 - Immediate
1762846-1 product page link
2119142-1 datasheet linkTOOL HAND CRIMPER 18-22AWG SIDE2119142-1TOOL HAND CRIMPER 18-22AWG SIDEHand CrimperRectangular Contacts, 18-22 AWG10 - Immediate
2119142-1 product page link
1762847-1 datasheet linkDIE ASSY1762847-1DIE ASSYDie SetRectangular Contacts, 22-28 AWG2 - Immediate
1762847-1 product page link
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAccessory TypeAvailable QuantityView Details
175855-1 datasheet linkCONN KEYING PLUG ACCESS DYN SR175855-1CONN KEYING PLUG ACCESS DYN SRPolarizing Device (Key, Plug, Post)3874 - Immediate
175855-1 product page link
900167-1 datasheet linkCONN MOUNTING SCREW D-2100M900167-1CONN MOUNTING SCREW D-2100MScrews3897 - Immediate
900167-1 product page link
5900121-2 datasheet linkD-3 FREE HANGING HOOK SMALL5900121-2D-3 FREE HANGING HOOK SMALLHook3992 - Immediate
5900121-2 product page link
1981045-1 datasheet linkDYNAMIC D3900 SPRING OPENER1981045-1DYNAMIC D3900 SPRING OPENERSpring Opener1182 - Immediate
1981045-1 product page link
1981919-1 datasheet linkME CONN MOLD TYPE PLUG CASE ASSY1981919-1ME CONN MOLD TYPE PLUG CASE ASSYCase378 - Immediate
1981919-1 product page link
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Published: 2012-11-07