Modular Jack Product Portfolio

TE Connectivity's modular jack product portfolio is designed to meet diverse design requirements

Image of TE Connectivity's Modular Jack Product PortfolioTE Connectivity's comprehensive modular jack product portfolio has been designed to meet the diverse design requirements of the data communications market. The product portfolio, which includes both right-angle jacks and vertical jacks, specifically suits applications that require performance in voice, data, and high-speed networking.

Available in a variety of styles and configurations, TE’s modular jacks offer compact size, and meet FCC rules and regulations part 68 as supported by Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA-1096-A).

Features Applications
  • Reduce electrical noise and gain up to Cat 5e performance
  • Gain additional PCB space with low-profile and narrow housing design
  • Suitable for a broad range of applications with diverse product configurations
  • Telephone, router, server, and switch communications
  • Computers
  • Business equipment
  • Consumer electronics

Modular Jack Products

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
5555165-1 datasheet linkCONN MOD JACK 6P6C R/A UNSHLD5555165-1CONN MOD JACK 6P6C R/A UNSHLD14175 - Immediate
5555165-1 product page link
5556416-1 datasheet linkCONN MOD JACK 8P8C VERT UNSHLD5556416-1CONN MOD JACK 8P8C VERT UNSHLD24782 - Immediate
5556416-1 product page link
5520258-3 datasheet linkCONN MOD JACK 6P6C VERT UNSHLD5520258-3CONN MOD JACK 6P6C VERT UNSHLD12735 - Immediate
5520258-3 product page link
5520426-4 datasheet linkCONN MOD JACK 8P8C R/A UNSHLD5520426-4CONN MOD JACK 8P8C R/A UNSHLD11444 - Immediate
5520426-4 product page link
5557969-1 datasheet linkCONN MOD JACK 8P8C VERT SHIELDED5557969-1CONN MOD JACK 8P8C VERT SHIELDED6318 - Immediate
5557969-1 product page link
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Published: 2013-07-26