Horticultural Lighting Solutions

The farming method of the future. As the earth's population is rising, more land is needed to grow enough food to feed them. With most of the earth's land already in use, however, other solutions are required. Indoor farming, also known as vertical farming or horticultural farming, is a potential solution. Horticultural lighting is revolutionizing the future of farming enabling farmers to sustainably grow vegetables and fruit all year-round. It makes it possible to grow faster, using less land, less water, less fertilizers and zero pesticides.

Horticultural lighting requires fixtures that are easy to install and compatible with the widest range of wiring that an installer may use. Connectors need to handle simple low-current power over a 2-wire system for small installations and solutions are required that installers can install in minimal time reducing labor costs. Robust solutions are needed for installations in commercial greenhouses that span acres and hundreds of thousands of square feet and need to carry higher current as well as signal connections for lighting hue control.

TE Connectivity (TE) has connector, relay and filter solutions that can help in creating a fine maze network of power-cabling to the lights needed for vertical farming. Our solutions are interchangeable and easy-to-install that will last for years in variable humidity environments. They are appropriate for small and large installations and minimizes installation time to gain more service response time for customers.

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  • Fixture Assemblies
  • Light Engine Interconnects
  • Driver Interconnects

Fixture Assemblies

TE’s fixture connect solutions are engineered for improved manufacturability and faster installation. Our low-profile, easy-install connectors, terminations, and power line filters save time and integrate into new or existing LED fixtures.


Light Engine Interconnects

Our interconnect solutions help integrate light engines into todays' modern horticultural lighting systems. We offer low-profile interconnects, in surface mount and through-hole board mount configurations as well as panel mount and free hanging wire to wire versions that are designed to enable faster and more efficient connections.


Driver Interconnects

We offer a broad selection of user-friendly interconnects designed to reliably connect to your driver with wire-to-wire or wire-to-board options, our interconnects deliver design flexibility and ease of use.