PX Series Pulse Oximetry LEDs

SunLED features their PX series IR SMD LEDs, red SMD LEDs, and red / IR bi-color SMD LEDs

Image of SunLED's PX Series Pulse Oximetry LEDsSunLED's offers their PX series, which contain a group of IR SMD LEDs, red SMD LEDs, and red/IR bi-color SMD LEDs that are ideal for pulse oximetry application.

Optoelectronic components have been evolving in application usages ever since their inception. What started out as simple indicator lights for on/off purposes eventually expanded to LEDs being used aesthetically, enhancing the product in ways beyond indication. Lighting the way towards the next chapter in LED evolution, SunLED introduces the PX series pulse oximetry LEDs.

The PX series is available in various compact packages which are ideal for any medical or wearable device. This series comes in both single and dual wavelength package configurations. A variety of viewing angles are available to further provide design flexibility. Specific wavelengths of λP=660 nm and λP=940 nm with narrow spectral bandwidths provide the perfect LED solution for pulse oximetry applications.

For a complete sensor application LED solution, SunLED's HRS series are also readily available for heart rate sensor applications.

Features and Benefits
  • Industry standard footprints
  • Optimal wavelengths for pulse oximetry applications
  • λP=660 nm, λP=940 nm
  • Available in either single- or dual-wavelength package configurations
  • High efficient output at low currents
  • Compact package selections ideal for medical devices
  • Flat lens and dome lens versions available
  • Multiple viewing angle options
  • Pulse oximetry
  • SpO2

PX Series LEDs

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
XZM2MR53W-1 datasheet linkLED RED CLEAR 2SMDXZM2MR53W-1LED RED CLEAR 2SMD2344 - Immediate
XZM2MR53W-1 product page link
XZM2MR53W-8 datasheet linkLED RED CLEAR 2SMDXZM2MR53W-8LED RED CLEAR 2SMD9882 - Immediate
XZM2MR53W-8 product page link
XZM2MR55W datasheet linkLED RED CLEAR 2SMDXZM2MR55WLED RED CLEAR 2SMD1463 - Immediate
XZM2MR55W product page link
XZM2MR55W-3 datasheet linkLED RED CLEAR 2SMDXZM2MR55W-3LED RED CLEAR 2SMD2930 - Immediate
XZM2MR55W-3 product page link
XZTNI53W-1 datasheet linkEMITTER IR 940NM 50MA SMDXZTNI53W-1EMITTER IR 940NM 50MA SMD760 - Immediate
XZTNI53W-1 product page link
XZTNI53W-8 datasheet linkEMITTER IR 940NM 50MA SMDXZTNI53W-8EMITTER IR 940NM 50MA SMD815 - Immediate
XZTNI53W-8 product page link
XZTNI55W datasheet linkEMITTER IR 940NM 50MA 1206 SMDXZTNI55WEMITTER IR 940NM 50MA 1206 SMD1176 - Immediate
XZTNI55W product page link
XZTNI55W-3 datasheet linkEMITTER IR 940NM 50MA 1206 SMDXZTNI55W-3EMITTER IR 940NM 50MA 1206 SMD1691 - Immediate
XZTNI55W-3 product page link
XZM2MRTNI59W-1 datasheet linkLED RED CLEAR 4SMDXZM2MRTNI59W-1LED RED CLEAR 4SMD1740 - Immediate
XZM2MRTNI59W-1 product page link
XZM2MRTNI55W-8 datasheet linkLED RED CLEAR 4SMDXZM2MRTNI55W-8LED RED CLEAR 4SMD1989 - Immediate
XZM2MRTNI55W-8 product page link
Published: 2017-03-20