HCSK High Current Surface Mount Shunt Resistors

Stackpole's surface mount shunts with kelvin terminations offer excellent stability in testing

Image of Stackpole's HCSK High Current Surface Mount ShuntsStackpole’s HCSK is an all metal surface mount current shunt with kelvin terminations for high accuracy low resistance sensing. The HCSK2725 is rated at 5 watts at ambient temperatures up to 100°C utilizing unique materials and a raised element design. The robust HCSK is available in 1% and 5% tolerances and 50 ppm TCR with excellent demonstrated stability over life, high temperature exposure, moisture resistance, rapid change of temperature, and short time overload testing.

The HCSK2725 is currently available in the 1 milliohm resistance value, and is suitable for sensing currents up to 70 amps as lead resistance is eliminated with the four-pin connection. The high temperature capability, accuracy, and stability is ideal for applications including power modules, frequency converters, motor controls, hybrid power current sensing, and automotive engine controls and management.

  • Precision resistor performance that is impervious to high moisture conditions
  • 5 watt continuous power rating at ambient temperatures up to 100°C
  • Low self-heating due to raised element
  • Kelvin terminations provide 4-pin connection to eliminate lead resistance and improve accuracy
  • 1 milliohm resistance value (additional values in development)
  • Capable of sensing up to 70 amps of current
  • 50 ppm TCR for accuracy across a wide range of temperatures
  • 1% and 5% absolute resistance tolerances
  • Excellent environmental and overload stability
  • Low inductance of typically < 3 nH
  • 100% RoHS compliant

HCSK High Current Surface Mount Shunts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
RES 0.001 OHM 1% 5W 2725HCSK2725FT1L00RES 0.001 OHM 1% 5W 27252357 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2017-09-01