MEMS Voltage-Controlled Oscillators

SiTime’s family of MEMS voltage-controlled oscillators (VCXOs) offer exceptional dynamic performance in real-life operating conditions

Image of SiTime's SiT380x VCXO and Applications SiTime's voltage-controlled oscillators (VCXOs) are highly flexible, high-performance, voltage-controlled oscillators with LVCMOS-/LVTTL-compatible outputs, as well as LVPECL, LVDS, and HCSL. These devices support many frequencies, along with any combination of voltage, pull range, and package type. The superior pull range linearity and tuning slope consistency (Kv) is ten times better than quartz crystal VCXOs, thereby simplifying PLL and clock synchronization designs. Many of these parts are also footprint compatible with legacy quartz devices. SiTime has also introduced a few new devices that are based on the unique Elite Platform™, which deliver exceptional dynamic performance and are optimal for environmental hazards such as shock, vibration, power supply noise, EMI, and board bending.

SiTime’s MEMS oscillators exhibit performance far greater than comparable crystal oscillators. SiTime has in-house MEMS and analog CMOS expertise, which allows SiTime to develop very reliable products. Oscillators are available in plastic packages which are up to 54 times more immune to external electromagnetic fields than quartz oscillators. These MEMS oscillators are vacuum-sealed using an advanced EpiSeal® process that eliminates foreign particles, providing long-term aging and reliability.

  • Extensive programmability
  • <1% pull range linearity
  • Superior tuning slope consistency
  • Multiple package types
  • Exceptional dynamic performance in real-life operating conditions
  • Excellent phase noise under vibration
  • Superior reliability
  • Cable modem termination system (CMTS)
  • Telecom equipment
  • Wireless base stations
  • Networked video systems and digitizers
  • Jitter cleaner
  • Instrumentation
  • Networked audio systems
  • FPGA data recovery
  • Telecom and optical equipment
  • Storage servers and SSD
  • Raid controllers
  • Routers
  • Switches
  • Wireless equipment
  • SONET and SyncE
  • Fibre Channel
  • DSL and DOCSIS

MEMS Voltage-Controlled Oscillators

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionFrequencyOutputVoltage - SupplyAvailable QuantityView Details
SIT3807AI-23-33NE-19.440000X datasheet linkMEMS OSC VCXO 19.4400MHZ LVCMOSSIT3807AI-23-33NE-19.440000XMEMS OSC VCXO 19.4400MHZ LVCMOS19.44MHzLVCMOS, LVTTL3.3V216 - Immediate
SIT3807AI-23-33NE-19.440000X product page link
SIT3807AI-D2-33EE-16.800000X datasheet linkMEMS OSC VCXO 16.8000MHZ LVCMOSSIT3807AI-D2-33EE-16.800000XMEMS OSC VCXO 16.8000MHZ LVCMOS16.8MHzLVCMOS, LVTTL3.3V223 - Immediate
SIT3807AI-D2-33EE-16.800000X product page link
SIT3808AC-CF-33EX-49.152000X datasheet linkMEMS OSC VCXO 49.1520MHZ LVCMOSSIT3808AC-CF-33EX-49.152000XMEMS OSC VCXO 49.1520MHZ LVCMOS49.152MHzLVCMOS, LVTTL3.3V250 - Immediate
SIT3808AC-CF-33EX-49.152000X product page link
SIT3808AC-DF-33NH-24.576000X datasheet linkMEMS OSC VCXO 24.5760MHZ LVCMOSSIT3808AC-DF-33NH-24.576000XMEMS OSC VCXO 24.5760MHZ LVCMOS24.576MHzLVCMOS, LVTTL3.3V144 - Immediate
SIT3808AC-DF-33NH-24.576000X product page link
SIT3808AI-23-25NZ-12.288000X datasheet linkMEMS OSC VCXO 12.2880MHZ LVCMOSSIT3808AI-23-25NZ-12.288000XMEMS OSC VCXO 12.2880MHZ LVCMOS12.288MHzLVCMOS, LVTTL2.5V243 - Immediate
SIT3808AI-23-25NZ-12.288000X product page link
SIT3808AC-DF-33SY-49.152000X datasheet linkMEMS OSC VCXO 49.1520MHZ LVCMOSSIT3808AC-DF-33SY-49.152000XMEMS OSC VCXO 49.1520MHZ LVCMOS49.152MHzLVCMOS3.3V249 - Immediate
SIT3808AC-DF-33SY-49.152000X product page link
SIT3808AC-DF-33SY-45.158400X datasheet linkMEMS OSC VCXO 45.1584MHZ LVCMOSSIT3808AC-DF-33SY-45.158400XMEMS OSC VCXO 45.1584MHZ LVCMOS45.1584MHzLVCMOS3.3V249 - Immediate
SIT3808AC-DF-33SY-45.158400X product page link
SIT3808AI-CF-33EM-50.000000X datasheet linkMEMS OSC VCXO 50.0000MHZ LVCMOSSIT3808AI-CF-33EM-50.000000XMEMS OSC VCXO 50.0000MHZ LVCMOS50MHzLVCMOS3.3V245 - Immediate
SIT3808AI-CF-33EM-50.000000X product page link
SIT3372AI-2B2-33NC156.250000G datasheet linkMEMS OSC VCXO 156.2500MHZ LVDSSIT3372AI-2B2-33NC156.250000GMEMS OSC VCXO 156.2500MHZ LVDS156.25MHzLVDS3.3V490 - Immediate
SIT3372AI-2B2-33NC156.250000G product page link
SIT3372AI-1E2-33EC156.250000X datasheet linkMEMS OSC VCXO 156.2500MHZ LVPECLSIT3372AI-1E2-33EC156.250000XMEMS OSC VCXO 156.2500MHZ LVPECL156.25MHzLVPECL3.3V500 - Immediate
SIT3372AI-1E2-33EC156.250000X product page link
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Programmable Oscillators

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Frequency RangeAvailable QuantityView Details
SIT3808AI-22-XXXX-000.FP0000X datasheet linkMEMS OSC PROG BLANK 1MHZ-80MHZSIT3808AI-22-XXXX-000.FP0000XMEMS OSC PROG BLANK 1MHZ-80MHZ1MHz ~ 80MHz450 - Immediate
SIT3808AI-22-XXXX-000.FP0000X product page link
SIT3808AI-C2-XXXX-000.FP0000X datasheet linkMEMS OSC PROG BLANK 1MHZ-80MHZSIT3808AI-C2-XXXX-000.FP0000XMEMS OSC PROG BLANK 1MHZ-80MHZ1MHz ~ 80MHz247 - Immediate
SIT3808AI-C2-XXXX-000.FP0000X product page link
SIT3808AI-D2-XXXX-000.FP0000X datasheet linkMEMS OSC PROG BLANK 1MHZ-80MHZSIT3808AI-D2-XXXX-000.FP0000XMEMS OSC PROG BLANK 1MHZ-80MHZ1MHz ~ 80MHz693 - Immediate
SIT3808AI-D2-XXXX-000.FP0000X product page link
SIT3809AI-22-XXXX-000.FP0000X datasheet linkMEMS OSC PROG BLANK 80MHZ-220MHZSIT3809AI-22-XXXX-000.FP0000XMEMS OSC PROG BLANK 80MHZ-220MHZ80MHz ~ 220MHz190 - Immediate
SIT3809AI-22-XXXX-000.FP0000X product page link
SIT3809AI-C2-XXXX-000.FP0000X datasheet linkMEMS OSC PROG BLANK 80MHZ-220MHZSIT3809AI-C2-XXXX-000.FP0000XMEMS OSC PROG BLANK 80MHZ-220MHZ80MHz ~ 220MHz884 - Immediate
SIT3809AI-C2-XXXX-000.FP0000X product page link
SIT3809AI-D2-XXXX-000.FP0000X datasheet linkMEMS OSC PROG BLANK 80MHZ-220MHZSIT3809AI-D2-XXXX-000.FP0000XMEMS OSC PROG BLANK 80MHZ-220MHZ80MHz ~ 220MHz915 - Immediate
SIT3809AI-D2-XXXX-000.FP0000X product page link
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Published: 2018-11-07