EFR32xG12/13 Wireless Gecko Multi-Protocol IoT Connectivity

Silicon Labs offers its EFR32xG12/13 wireless Gecko system-on-chip delivering multi-protocol IoT connectivity

Image of Silicon Labs' EFR32xG12/13 Wireless Gecko Multi-Protocol IoT ConnectivitySilicon Labs' EFR32xG12/13 wireless Gecko simplifies connectivity now and in the future. The wireless Gecko SoC provides up to 1024 K Flash and 256 K RAM, enough memory to run multiple protocols, applications, and an RTOS, while still providing enough Flash to support field upgrades with over-the-air software updates to support application enhancements and evolving protocol needs in the field. Add superior RF performance and robust wireless software stacks and the user can deliver more reliable, differentiated products to market fast.

  • G12 parts are available with up to 1024 K Flash; up to 256 K RAM memory 
  • G13 parts are available with up to 512 K Flash; 64 K of RAM
  • Peripherals (4 x USART, 2 x I2C, timers, 2 x 32-bit pulse counters)
  • Lower sleep currents down to 1.5 µA
  • Improved 2.4 GHz sensitivity -95 dBm (BLE), -102 dBm (802.15.4)
  • Improved sub-GHz performance
  • 2 Mbps BLE (BT 5.0 enhancement)
  • Captouch for user interface
  • LESENSE for lower power sensors
  • Cryptographic accelerator block dedicated to radio
  • Enables DC/DC to startup at fixed voltage to power external ICs
  • Voltage range from 1.8 V to 3.8 V
Applications Image of Silicon Labs' Wireless Gecko IoT Connectivity Portfolio
  • Wearables
  • Fitness and health
  • Home automation
  • Lighting
  • Industrial automation
  • Smart meters

Development Boards

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
SLWRB4253A datasheet linkEFR32FG12 2400/915 MHZ BOARDSLWRB4253AEFR32FG12 2400/915 MHZ BOARD115 - Immediate
SLWRB4253A product page link
SLWSTK6000B product page link
SLWRB4254A datasheet linkEFR32FG12 2400/868 MHZ BOARDSLWRB4254AEFR32FG12 2400/868 MHZ BOARD95 - Immediate
SLWRB4254A product page link
SLWRB4164A datasheet linkEFR32MG12 2400/915 MHZ BOARDSLWRB4164AEFR32MG12 2400/915 MHZ BOARD49 - Immediate
SLWRB4164A product page link
SLWRB4162A datasheet linkEFR32MG12 2.4GHZ BOARDSLWRB4162AEFR32MG12 2.4GHZ BOARD96 - Immediate
SLWRB4162A product page link
SLWRB4163A datasheet linkEFR32MG12 2400/868 MHZ BOARDSLWRB4163AEFR32MG12 2400/868 MHZ BOARD83 - Immediate
SLWRB4163A product page link
SLWRB4161A datasheet linkEFR32MG12 2.4GHZ BOARDSLWRB4161AEFR32MG12 2.4GHZ BOARD27 - Immediate
SLWRB4161A product page link
SLWRB4103A datasheet linkEFR32BG12 2.4GHZ BOARDSLWRB4103AEFR32BG12 2.4GHZ BOARD95 - Immediate
SLWRB4103A product page link

EFR32xG12/13 Wireless Gecko Multi-Protocol IoT Connectivity

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
EFR32MG13P732F512GM48-B datasheet linkMIGHTY PREMIUM QFN48 2.4G 19 DBMEFR32MG13P732F512GM48-BMIGHTY PREMIUM QFN48 2.4G 19 DBM153 - Immediate
EFR32MG13P732F512GM48-B product page link
SLWSTK6020B product page link
EFR32FG13P231F512GM48-B datasheet linkFLEX PREMIUM QFN48 SUBG 19 DBM NEFR32FG13P231F512GM48-BFLEX PREMIUM QFN48 SUBG 19 DBM N579 - Immediate
EFR32FG13P231F512GM48-B product page link
EFR32BG13P732F512GM48-B datasheet linkBLUE PREMIUM QFN48 2.4G 19 DBM BEFR32BG13P732F512GM48-BBLUE PREMIUM QFN48 2.4G 19 DBM B655 - Immediate
EFR32BG13P732F512GM48-B product page link
EFR32BG13P532F512GM48-B datasheet linkBLUE PREMIUM QFN48 2.4G 0 DBM BLEFR32BG13P532F512GM48-BBLUE PREMIUM QFN48 2.4G 0 DBM BL260 - Immediate
EFR32BG13P532F512GM48-B product page link
EFR32MG13P733F512GM48-B datasheet linkMIGHTY PREMIUM QFN48 DUAL 19 DBMEFR32MG13P733F512GM48-BMIGHTY PREMIUM QFN48 DUAL 19 DBM800 - Immediate
EFR32MG13P733F512GM48-B product page link
EFR32FG13P232F512GM48-B datasheet linkFLEX PREMIUM QFN48 2.4G 19 DBM NEFR32FG13P232F512GM48-BFLEX PREMIUM QFN48 2.4G 19 DBM N1039 - Immediate
EFR32FG13P232F512GM48-B product page link
EFR32BG12P432F1024GM48-B datasheet linkBLUE GECKO QFN48 2.4G 19DB BLE/PEFR32BG12P432F1024GM48-BBLUE GECKO QFN48 2.4G 19DB BLE/P1656 - Immediate
EFR32BG12P432F1024GM48-B product page link
SLWRB4104A datasheet linkEFR32BG13 2.4 GHZ 10 DBM RADIO BSLWRB4104AEFR32BG13 2.4 GHZ 10 DBM RADIO B40 - Immediate
SLWRB4104A product page link
SLWRB4158A datasheet linkEFR32MG13 2400/915 MHZ 19 DBMDUASLWRB4158AEFR32MG13 2400/915 MHZ 19 DBMDUA30 - Immediate
SLWRB4158A product page link
SLWRB4168A datasheet linkEFR32MG13 2400 MHZ 19 DBMRADIO BSLWRB4168AEFR32MG13 2400 MHZ 19 DBMRADIO B10 - Immediate
SLWRB4168A product page link
SLWRB4256A datasheet linkEFR32FG13 2400/868 MHZ 10 DBMDUASLWRB4256AEFR32FG13 2400/868 MHZ 10 DBMDUA35 - Immediate
SLWRB4256A product page link
SLWRB4159A datasheet linkEFR32MG13 2400 MHZ 10 DBMRADIO BSLWRB4159AEFR32MG13 2400 MHZ 10 DBMRADIO B26 - Immediate
SLWRB4159A product page link
SLWRB4255A datasheet linkEFR32FG13 2400/915 MHZ 19 DBMDUASLWRB4255AEFR32FG13 2400/915 MHZ 19 DBMDUA24 - Immediate
SLWRB4255A product page link
SLWRB4167A datasheet linkEFR32MG13 2400/868 MHZ 10 DBMDUASLWRB4167AEFR32MG13 2400/868 MHZ 10 DBMDUA19 - Immediate
SLWRB4167A product page link
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Published: 2017-03-13
Updated : 2017-06-14