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Go with an industry leader and a name you can trust! Don't lose time or have customers assume that your product is not up to par because of a faulty switch. Omron has been providing quality switches for over seventy years and continues to be one of the most trusted names in the industry. We have this trust because we provide quality products and back up what we sell.

  • Broad / flexible product line
  • 100% Quality Tested
  • Choose from a variety of actuators,
    termination and mounting styles
  • RoHS Compliant

Unsealed Snap Action Switches

Unsealed Snap Action Switches

Omron Electronic Components has a diverse selection of standard options. We can deliver a snap action switch that will drop right into your application. Saving you time, component counts and cost, while improving your products overall quality.

  • Wide selection of products that switch various loads
  • Choose from a variety of termination styles
  • High Temperature "Class N" (200C) version available (D3V-T)
  • Multiple actuation choices exist

View the Snap Action Switch Technical Information and Usage Guide

D2FD - Ultra Subminiature, Dust Proof Snap Action Switch

D2FD Series Product Page D2FD Series Datasheet Link
  • Dust proof construction, meets IEC IP6X requirements.
  • Models available that switch 2 A loads (general-purpose) or 0.1 A loads (microvoltage/microcurrent)
  • Available with Solder or PCB terminals.
  • Applications Home electric appliances, Industrial equipments, Business equipments, communication devices, etc….
  • Equipment that needs dustproof performance
  • RoHS Compliant

D3SH - Surface Mount Detection Switch

D3SH Series Product Page D3SH Series Datasheet Link
  • The Smallest Detection Switch in the World. (Omron's data as of June 2006)
  • Ultra small size and ultra low profile SMT package
  • Utilizes a unique mechanism that enables high contact reliability and high precision operation
  • Horizontal 2-way detection and long stroke enhances design flexibility
  • Contact Form and Lever variations provide application diversity
  • Available with or without a PCB locating Boss
  • Very low minimum applicable load of 15uA @ 3 VDC
  • ROHS Compliant

SS - Subminiature Snap Action Switch

SS Series Product Page SS Series Datasheet Link
Subminiature Snap Action Switch
  • Two split spring design offers long life (30 million operations)
  • Wide variety of operating forces, including super low force
  • Solder, quick-connect (#110) and PCB terminals available
  • UL, CSA, VDE approvals
  • Microvoltage to high-capacity loads(10.1 A) versions
  • ROHS Compliant

Other Omron unsealed snap action switch series: D3V, V, VX, SSG, D2F, D3M, D3C, D2T, D2X, D3D and Z

Sealed Snap Action Switches

Sealed Snap Action Switches

Available in a variety of sizes, switching capacities and options, these switches are ideal for use in damp applications where space is at a premium. These miniature, subminiature and ultraminiature switches seal out the elements to give you long lasting performance.

  • Conforms to IP67 requirments
  • Pin plungers with long overtravel (D2HW) or a variety of levers
  • PCB, Quick Connect or wire terminations
  • Screw/Panel, Molded posts or PCB mounting options

View the Snap Action Switch Technical Information and Usage Guide

D2SW - Watertight Miniature Snap Action Switch

D2SW Series Product Page D2SW Series Datasheet Link
D2SW Watertight Miniature Snap Action Switch
  • High quality, watertight switch meets IP67 (IEC 529) requirements (lead wire types) and IP50 (terminal types)
  • Monoblock construction assures high sealing capability and is ideal for applications where water spray or dust is prevalent
  • Perfect for automotive, vending, factory machines, etc. which require environmentally resistive capabilities
  • Wide operating temperature range of -40°C to 85° C
  • ROHS Compliant

Other Omron sealed snap action switch series: D2HW, D2VW, D2JW and D2FW

DIP Switch

Dip Switch

An assortment of Through-Hole, SMT DIP Switches, in standard or half pitch.

  • Through-Hole or Surface Mount terminations
  • Standard Pitch or Half Pitch (A6H)
  • Choose from flush or projected actuators
  • Piano DIP or Top Actuated models
  • Rotary DIP, with BCD or Hexadecimal output available

View DIP Switch Technical Information

A6SN - Low Profile, SMT Switch, washing without seal tape

A6SN Series Product Page A6SN Series Datasheet Link
  • Embossed taping models available for automatic mounting
  • Knife-edge high pressure mechanics that ensures high Reliability
  • Temperature-resistance resin allows at peak reflow temperature of 260 °C
  • Knife-edge high pressure mechanics enables washing without seal tape.
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Raised and Flat actuator

A6TN - Low Profile, Through-Hole Switch

A6TN Series Product Page A6TN Series Datasheet Link
  • Allows automatic mounting with DIP IC insertion machines
  • Knife-edge high pressure mechanics that ensures high Reliability
  • Knife-edge high pressure mechanics enables washing without seal tape
  • Temperature-resistance resin allows at peak reflow temperature up to 265 °C

Other Omron sealed snap action switch series: A6RS, A6R/A6RV, A6H, A6DR, A6D, A6T, A6TR, A6S-H, A6SR, A6A and A6C/A6CV

Tactile Switches

Tactile Switches

Tactile Switches, Single point of contact Domes and Dome Arrays provides crisp tactile feedback for panel, keypad and product input designs, when coupled with an appropriate actuator. Choose one of Omron's B32 keycap for use with a projected plunger Tactile Switch. Alternatively, you can design your own actuator or overlay for use with the Switches or Dome Arrays.

  • Choose from Through-hole and Surface Mount Tactile Switches
  • Wide Range of Operating Forces
  • Radial Taped or Bulk packaging
  • Top or Side Actuated Tactile Switches
  • B3U - - smallest SMT tactile switch!

View the Tactile Switch Usage Guide

B3F - Miniature, Space-Saving Tactile Switch Provides Long Service Life and Easy Mounting

B3F Series Product Page B3F Series Datasheet Link
  • Long mechanical / electrical service life
  • Ideal for applications such as audio, office and communications equipment, TVs, etc
  • Taped radial, vertical, high-force, and gold-plated contact type models available
  • Flux-tight base structure allows easy soldering onto a PC board

B3FS - Surface-mounting Switches Ideal for High-density Mounting

B3FS Series Product Page B3FS Series Datasheet Link
  • Available in 6x6 mm and 12x12 mm sizes
  • Tape packing style available
  • Allows for reflow soldering, designed for no-clean process
  • Incorporates a snap-action contact mechanism that ensures crisp switching operations
  • Add P to the end of the part number for Tape/Reel packaging

B3S/B3SL - Surface Mount Tactile Switch for High-Density Packaging

B3S/B3SL Series Product Page B3S/B3SL Series Datasheet Link
  • New B3SL rated up to 90C, with two different actuator heights
  • Sealed construction allows immersion-cleaning of the PC board with the tactile switches mounted and soldered
  • Ground terminal available to protect against static electricity (B3S)
  • Ideal for applications such as audio, office and communications equipment, TVs, etc
  • Tape packaging also available (add "P" to the end of the part number)

B3U - Ultra-small-sized Tactile Switch with High Contact Reliability

B3U Series Product Page B3U Series Datasheet Link
  • Industry's smallest tactile switch. (As of Oct. 2006, according to internal Omron survey)
  • Dust Proof Construction provides high reliability
  • Surface Mount Design, ideal for high density mounting
  • Available with or without ground terminal
  • Available with or without PCB locating boss
  • ROHS Compliant

B3W-9xxx - Compact Illuminated Tactile Switch with 2 LEDs

B3W-9xxx Series Product Page B3W-9xxx Series Datasheet Link
  • Bright, Uniform illumination in SPST-NO (momentary) configuration
  • Keycap option includes LED color match, transparant or opaque white
  • Monocolor illumination, with 1 or 2 LED's
  • Tricolor operation possible - - Red + Green LED's produce Orange when used with white cap
  • Dust tight internal switch mechanism
  • RoHS Compliant

Other Omron sealed snap action switch series: B3AL, B3SN, B3W, B3WN, B3J, B3M6 and B32

Rocker Switches

A8GS - Remote Reset Rocker Switch

Minimum size class in the industry Rocker switch with reset function.

A8GS Series Product Page A8GS Series Datasheet Link
  • Zero standby power by Reset function.
  • High inrush-current durability. Conforming to TV-8 rating. (Inrush 117A)
  • Model variation for Micro loads.
  • Model variation of micro load and high capacity combination. (DPST) It is able to operate micro load and high capacity load at the same time.
  • Contact gap of 3 mm minimum.
  • UL and cUL standard approved, Conforming to EN standards.

Customized Switches

Digi-Key, in conjunction with Omron America's switch engineering group, can offer you a quote on any customized switch combination requirement. Whether modifying an existing lever or wire length or developing a totally new design, Omron makes the process simple and timely. For more information or if you need assistance, contact Please send request forms and/or drawings to the aforementioned e-mail address.

The Process


  • Customer supplies a drawing or conceptual representation with required modifications
  • Once approved samples can be provided in 2-4 weeks**
  • Typical minimum production order quantity is 500-1,000 pieces
  • Standard delivery is 8-12 weeks ARO

Custom Switching Brochure

Adding Value by Creating Custom Switches

Omron Electronic Components LLC is proud to bring a new Switch Engineering Center to the Americas to meet the demands for customized product for the automotive, appliance, alternative energy, HVAC and digital markets.

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