LPC5500 Series: NXP’s Most Performance Efficient Arm Cortex-M33 Based MCUs

The LPC5500 MCU series leverages Arm’s most recent Cortex®-M33 technology, combining significant product architecture enhancements, greater integration and advanced security over previous generations. With 755 CoreMarks and energy use as low as 32 μA/MHz, the LPC5500 MCU series introduces new levels of performance efficiency for the new wave of IoT and industrial applications.

In addition, the LPC5500 MCU series features a unique set of security blocks providing layers of protection for embedded systems while protecting end products from unknown or un expected threats over its life cycle. These blocks include: SRAM PUF for based root of trust and provisioning, real-time execution from encrypted images, TrustZone for system-wide hardware isolation for trusted software and debug authentication capabilities.

LPC5500 Features
Core Platform Features Timer Features System Control Features Security Features Memory Features Interface Features Programmable and Analog Features



The LPC55S6x MCU family builds on the world’s first general-purpose Cortex-M33 based microcontroller introduced with the LPC5500 series. This high-efficiency family leverages the new Armv8-M architecture to introduce new levels of performance and advanced security capabilities including TrustZone-M and co-processor extensions. The LPC55S6x family enables these co-processors extensions and leverages them to bring significant signal processing efficiency gains from a proprietary DSP accelerator offering a 10x clock cycle reduction. In addition, the LPC55S6x MCU family provides a robust enablement including the MCUXpresso Software and Tools ecosystem and a low-cost development board (LPC55S69-EVK).


LPC55S6x MCU Family Options

Part Number CPU Freq (MHz) Flash (kB) SRAM (kB) Dual Core TrustZone GPIO Secure Boot USB Package
LPC55S69JBD100 100 640 320 Yes Yes 64 Yes FS + HS HLQFP100
LPC55S66JBD100 100 320 144 Yes Yes 64 Yes FS + HS HLQFP100
LPC55S69-EVK 100 640 320 Yes Yes 64 Yes FS + HS Development Board