TF Series Micro-Blowers, Development Kits, and Drivers

Nidec Copal Electronics presents unique micro-blowers with aero dynamic bearings

Image of Nidec Copal TF Series Micro BlowersNidec Copal Electronics' TF series micro-blowers are compact, lightweight, and able to create a high static pressure. Their unique aero dynamic bearing enables these blowers to have long-life and low vibration because there is no wear between the sleeve of the impeller and the shaft of the blower. Nidec Copal Electronics offers two tools to help engineers evaluate the micro-blowers. Development kits and drivers with harnesses with help shorten evaluation and product development time. The three development kits include a micro-blower, a driver, and harnesses.There is a development kit for the TF029B-1000-F, TF037C-2100-F, and the T037F-2000-P. The two driver options include the harnesses needed to connect to the micro-blowers. One driver is for the TF037 micro-blowers and the other for the TF029B micro-blowers. The micro-blowers are ideal for medical devices, industrial equipment, residential fuel cells, data storage servers, and printing machines.

  • Compact/light-weight
  • High static pressure
  • Long-life
  • Less vibration
  • Aero dynamic bearings
  • Rated voltage
    • 24 VDC (TF037)
    • 12 VDC to 27 VDC (TF029)
  • Maximum pressure
    • 4.5 kPa (TF037)
    • 3.5 kPa (TF029)
  • Rated air flow
    • 100 L/min
  • Maximum rotation speed
    • 45,000 r/min (TF037)
    • 50,000 r/min (TF029)

TF Series Micro Blowers

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
TF037C-2100-F datasheet linkFAN BLOWER 54X40.4MM AERO 24VDCTF037C-2100-FFAN BLOWER 54X40.4MM AERO 24VDC22 - Immediate
TF037C-2100-F product page link
TF037C-2000-F datasheet linkFAN BLOWER 54X37.3MM AERO 24VDCTF037C-2000-FFAN BLOWER 54X37.3MM AERO 24VDC12 - Immediate
TF037C-2000-F product page link
TF037E-2000-F datasheet linkFAN BLOWER 80.2X52MM AERO 24VDCTF037E-2000-FFAN BLOWER 80.2X52MM AERO 24VDC39 - Immediate
TF037E-2000-F product page link
TF037F-2000-F datasheet linkFAN BLOWER 53.8X34.3MM 24VDCTF037F-2000-FFAN BLOWER 53.8X34.3MM 24VDC0TF037F-2000-F product page link
TF029B-1000-F datasheet linkFAN BLOWER 49.4X33.6MM 24VDCTF029B-1000-FFAN BLOWER 49.4X33.6MM 24VDC15 - Immediate
TF029B-1000-F product page link
TF037-1001-D datasheet linkDRIVER AND HARNESS FOR TF037 BLOTF037-1001-DDRIVER AND HARNESS FOR TF037 BLO0TF037-1001-D product page link
TF029B-1001-D datasheet linkDRIVER AND HARNESS FOR TF029B BLTF029B-1001-DDRIVER AND HARNESS FOR TF029B BL6 - Immediate
TF029B-1001-D product page link

Development Kits

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
TF037C-2100-P datasheet linkTF037C-2100-F MICROBLOWER DEVKITTF037C-2100-PTF037C-2100-F MICROBLOWER DEVKIT28 - Immediate
TF037C-2100-P product page link
TF037F-2000-P datasheet linkTF037F-2000-F MICROBLOWER DEVKITTF037F-2000-PTF037F-2000-F MICROBLOWER DEVKIT8 - Immediate
TF037F-2000-P product page link
TF029B-1000-P datasheet linkTF029B-1000-F MICROBLOWER DEVKITTF029B-1000-PTF029B-1000-F MICROBLOWER DEVKIT16 - Immediate
TF029B-1000-P product page link
Published: 2017-09-19
Updated : 2018-05-04