PIC32 Display Adapter Board

Simplify prototyping your next graphical display embedded application with Newhaven Display's display adapter

Image of Newhaven Display International's PIC32 Display Adapter BoardNewhaven Display's DKSB1014B-ND display adapter provides the designer with a color resistive touch LCD (NHD-3.5-320240MF-ATXL#-T-1-ND) and hardware interface for select Microchip PIC32 evaluation/starter kits. This includes DM320003-2-ND, which supports Microchip low-cost controllerless graphics (AC164144-ND).

In order to begin graphic display development, users will need the DM320003-2-ND PIC32 USB II Starter Kit and AC164144-ND LCC PICtail™ Plus Daughter Board, in addition to the DKSB1014B-ND.

Interface information, schematic, software files, and more at Digi-Key's eewiki site.

Features Related Product Information
  • Newhaven 3.5” QVGA with resistive touch (NHD-3.5-320240MF-ATXL#-T-1-ND)
  • Efficient Diodes Inc. white LED step-up backlight driver (AP5724WG-7DICT-ND)
  • AVX flat flex ZIF connector (478-5598-1-ND)
  • 3M™ Bumpon™ Protective Products for perfect mating to the Microchip evaluation boards (SJ5749-0-ND)

PIC32 Display Adapter Board

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
SJ61A3 datasheet linkBUMPER CYLIN 0.375" DIA BLKSJ61A3BUMPER CYLIN 0.375" DIA BLK46304 - Immediate
SJ61A3 product page link
AP5724WG-7 datasheet linkIC LED DRIVER RGLTR DIM SOT26AP5724WG-7IC LED DRIVER RGLTR DIM SOT2613481 - Immediate
AP5724WG-7 product page link
046240054005800+ datasheet linkCONN FFC BOTTOM 54POS 0.50MM R/A046240054005800+CONN FFC BOTTOM 54POS 0.50MM R/A18037 - Immediate
046240054005800+ product page link
NHD-3.5-320240MF-ATXL#-T-1 datasheet linkLCD DISP TFT 3.5" 320X240 B/LNHD-3.5-320240MF-ATXL#-T-1LCD DISP TFT 3.5" 320X240 B/L1019 - Immediate
NHD-3.5-320240MF-ATXL#-T-1 product page link
NHD-3.5-320240MF-PIC EVAL BOARD datasheet linkPIC32 ADAPT BD 3.5"LCDNHD-3.5-320240MF-PIC EVAL BOARDPIC32 ADAPT BD 3.5"LCD391 - Immediate
NHD-3.5-320240MF-PIC EVAL BOARD product page link
AC164144 product page link
DM320003-2 datasheet linkKIT EVAL PIC32 USB II STARTERDM320003-2KIT EVAL PIC32 USB II STARTER0DM320003-2 product page link
Published: 2013-03-26