JEDI One for BeagleBone®

Machinechat's all-in-one software application transforms BeagleBone ideas into professional IoT projects in minutes, not months

Image of Machinechat's JEDI One for BeagleBone® Machinechat's JEDI One for BeagleBone is an all-in-one IoT software application that runs directly on BeagleBone and adds data collection, dashboards, monitoring, and local data storage management to IoT projects in minutes. JEDI One allows the user to go from an idea to the finished project faster by offering simple configuration in minutes versus months of coding and testing GUIs and protocol servers. All processes run locally on the user's BeagleBone, which means no Cloud, no monthly fees, and no always-on internet connections.


  • Single binary with no other dependencies; just download and run
  • Modern browser-based graphical user interface (GUI) with SSL and multi-user support provides access to JEDI One from anywhere on the network
  • Easy drag-and-drop menus allow for quick configuration of dashboards, monitoring, and storage features
  • Quickly gather data from sensors or other applications using integrated HTTP and TCP-based data collectors
  • Custom data collector plug-ins allow for collecting data from any device, sensor, or application without altering their native protocols
  • Custom action plug-ins allow sending data to external applications or scripts
  • System-view dashboard supports custom background images and flexible layouts to visualize data in the context of the project environment
  • Real-time rules engine with email and SMS alerts for monitoring data
  • Networked device monitoring for up to 16 devices
  • Configurable local data storage with data retention controls
  • Single premium license supports one BeagleBone and up to 16 devices


  • Commercial IoT projects that require data logging and monitoring
  • BeagleBone health and statistics monitoring
  • Use BeagleBone as a serial/I²C/GPIO-based data logger and monitoring with graphical dashboards for other microcontroller/microprocessor projects, devices or equipment

Getting started with Machinechat's JEDI One IoT Software

JEDI One for BeagleBone®

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Published: 2020-10-15