Data Processing Systems

Leading technologies for innovative
data processing systems

In a world where fast, reliable data transmission has become the service customary for consumers and businesses, the infrastructure supporting these systems must be reliable to ensure continuity of service. When considering the complex transmission, processing, and storage of valuable data, these data processing systems must be resilient against potential failure, and secure against potential threats. Modern designs demand smaller packages that are capable of more features. With new advancements in technology, Infineon Technologies has an impressive portfolio spanning from power products to intelligent microcontroller families. Data processing is becoming even more relevant as the demand for digital services and products grows.

Using Infineon’s data processing components will ensure your design is reliable and efficient. From proprietary FET technology to PMBus-enabled digital regulators, Infineon offers many products that will fill your design need with ease.

Main diagram

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Data Processing Part Number Number of Outputs Function Frequency Iout Datasheet  
POL DC-DC IR36021MTRPBF 2 Step-Down 200kHz ~ 2MHz - Datasheet IR36021MTRPBF IR36021MTRPBF Product Page
IR38060MTRPBF 1 Step-Down 400kHz ~ 1.5MHz 6 Datasheet IR38060MTRPBF IR38060MTRPBF Product Page
IR38062MTRPBF 1 Step-Down 400kHz ~ 1.5MHz 15 Datasheet IR38062MTRPBF IR38062MTRPBF Product Page
IR38063MTRPBF 1 Step-Down 400kHz ~ 1.5MHz 25 Datasheet IR38063MTRPBF IR38063MTRPBF Product Page
IR3550MTRPBF 1 Step-Down 1000 kHz 60 Datasheet IR3550MTRPBF IR3550MTRPBF Product Page
IR3742MTRPBF 1 Step-Down 400kHz ~ 1.5MHz 20 Datasheet IR3742MTRPBF IR3742MTRPBF Product Page
IR3823MTRPBF 1 Step-Down 300kHz ~ 1.5MHz 3 Datasheet IR3823MTRPBF IR3823MTRPBF Product Page
IR3891MTRPBF 2 Step-Down 300kHz ~ 1.5MHz 4+4 Datasheet IR3891MTRPBF IR3891MTRPBF Product Page
IR3892MTRPBF 2 Step-Down 300kHz ~ 1MHz 6+6 Datasheet IR3892MTRPBF IR3892MTRPBF Product Page
IR3895MTRPBF 1 Step-Down 300kHz ~ 1.5MHz 16 Datasheet IR3895MTRPBF IR3895MTRPBF Product Page
IR3897MTRPBF 1 Step-Down 300kHz ~ 1.5MHz 4 Datasheet IR3897MTRPBF IR3897MTRPBF Product Page
IR3898MTRPBF 1 Step-Down 300kHz ~ 1.5MHz 6 Datasheet IR3898MTRPBF IR3898MTRPBF Product Page
IR3899MTRPBF 1 Step-Down 300kHz ~ 1.5MHz 9 Datasheet IR3899MTRPBF IR3899MTRPBF Product Page

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Computing & data storage

Energy-efficient and high performance data storage technologies

The digital storage of data can be seen around every corner of modern life—smartphones have become a mobile computing device for all needs, whether it is sending a quick text or snapping a high-quality picture. Preventing the loss of data is critical for any application, and as a consumer, it may be the deciding factor in choosing one product over another. With the rise in demand for cloud & digital storage, modern storage designs stand to benefit from the improved efficiency and stability of Infineon parts.

Using high-performing parts that are less prone to failure, consume less energy, and cost less are top priorities for any design. Sourcing parts from Infineon provides discrete or integrated, cost-effective options for your design.

Computing & data storage diagram

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Communication switches and routers

High-efficiency, low-noise parts for enhanced connectivity

With constant access to the internet, linked by personal and professional connections, being digitally connected is easier than ever. Contacting someone across the globe is only a few clicks away. The convenience of modern communication would not be possible without the switches and routers that connect everything together. These switches and routers require components that are built to last and can perform under pressure.

Get started with your communication switches design by exploring our selection of power stages, gate driver ICs, multiphase DC/DC and much more. Learn how Infineon can help enhance our connected world by taking your router and switch designs to the next level.

Communication switches and routers diagram

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Wireless communication

Secure, energy-efficient solutions for today’s wireless traffic

Wireless technology has become the communication norm between people and their devices. On a global level, our world now operates on a large-scale wireless platform where constant connectivity is the typical. From high-tech urban landscapes to rural areas of the globe, wireless communication is what connects people.

There is unlimited potential for innovation in the domain of wireless communication. Following the growing trends of smart technology and appliances, secure wireless communication between these applications is more important than ever. This places new demands on your customers requiring reliable, energy-efficient wireless communication designs that can securely handle high traffic without concerns.

With a constantly evolving collection of highly efficient FETs in various discrete or integrated packages, as well as many high-frequency integrated chips, Infineon can bring your design to the next level. Explore our products and reference designs to learn more.

Wireless communication diagram Radio board diagram Baseband board diagram

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