LPS Power Supplies

GlobTek's limited power source power supplies reduce risk and cost

Image of GlobTek's LPS Power SuppliesGlobTek's range of power supplies are IEC-60950-1 limited power source (LPS) rated and are suited for a variety of applications. A limited power source (LPS), as defined in IEC-60950-1, is a secondary circuit with an open circuit output voltage, VOC, not exceeding the SELV circuit limits of 42.4 VPEAK or 60 VDC.

The maximum apparent power, S, available on the output under any load condition, and the maximum fault current, ISC, available on the output under any load condition (including a short-circuit), are limited to magnitudes not likely to cause ignition under fault condition in components mounted on, or circuits constructed from, suitably rated materials. Because of these limitations on the output current and voltage they can deliver to a load, LPS rated power supplies greatly reduce the risk of electrocution or fire. In addition, when a system uses an LPS power supply, installers have less rigorous regulatory standards they must follow, resulting in reduced wiring and reduced installation costs.

To qualify as LPS for a power supply rated at 30 V or less, even with a single fault condition, the output current must not exceed 8 A and the output power must not exceed 100 W. For a power supply rated above 30 V, but not exceeding 60 V, the output current must not exceed 150 ÷ VOUT and the output power must not exceed 100 W.

GlobTek IEC-60950-1 limited power source power supplies are available as types of open frame/internal, wall plug-in, desktop/external, and vehicle/car DC/DC converters. These supplies are suitable for most applications requiring DC power, including industrial, marine, consumer or optional medical devices, portable medical treatment and monitoring equipment and instruments, hospital equipment and fixtures, lighting and support equipment, low-power appliances or consumer products, and VOIP phones and telecom equipment.

Custom, bespoke, or customized enclosure colors, housing designs, circuitry, functions, output cord types, and lengths, as well as customized packaging are available upon request.

The UL60950 limited power circuits graph below shows the limits for limited power sources. Providing LPS limitations to part or all of the circuits in a product design gives the mechanical design more flexibility in polymeric material choices and openings in the enclosure, as a fire enclosure need not be provided for LPS-powered circuits.

  • Medical, ITE, and household safety approvals
  • Energy efficiency Level VI and EU CoC Tier 2 compliant
  • 4th edition medical EMC
  • Class I and Class II versions
  • <0.15 W standby power
  • Operating temperature: 0°C to +80°C
  • Low earth leakage current
  • Five-year warranty

UL609050 Graph

Image of Globtek's UL60950 Limited Power Circuits Graph

LPS Power Supplies

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
GT-86120-1005-W2E, 10W, 5V2A, WAWR9MA2000USBC-N(R6B)GT-86120-1005-W2E, 10W, 5V2A, WA998 - ImmediateView Details
GT-86120-1005-W2, 10W, 5V2A, WALWR9HA2000USBC-F(R6B)GT-86120-1005-W2, 10W, 5V2A, WAL1077 - ImmediateView Details
GT-86120-1212-W2, 12W, 12V1A, WAWR9HE1000CLP-F(R6B)GT-86120-1212-W2, 12W, 12V1A, WA1080 - ImmediateView Details
GT-86120-1212-W2, 12W, 12V1A, WAWR9HE1000LLP-F(R6B)GT-86120-1212-W2, 12W, 12V1A, WA1077 - ImmediateView Details
GT-46060-0605, 6W, 5V1.2A, WALLWR9QA1200MICB-N(R6B)GT-46060-0605, 6W, 5V1.2A, WALL595 - ImmediateView Details
GTM96180-1817.9-5.9, 18W, 12V1.5WR9QE1500CCPCIMNAR6BGTM96180-1817.9-5.9, 18W, 12V1.51040 - ImmediateView Details
GT-46240-2412-T3, 24W, 12V2.0A,TR9CE2000MLXG-N(R6B)GT-46240-2412-T3, 24W, 12V2.0A,199 - ImmediateView Details
GTM96900P9019-T3Z, 90W, 19V4.73ATR9CZ4730L9PCIMR6LPSGTM96900P9019-T3Z, 90W, 19V4.73A236 - ImmediateView Details
85W, 12V 7.08A, DESKTOP/EXTERNALTR9CE7080CPCIMR6BLPS85W, 12V 7.08A, DESKTOP/EXTERNAL19 - ImmediateView Details
GTM46101-1005-USB, 10W, 5.0V2.0AWR9QA2000USB1NMEDR6WGTM46101-1005-USB, 10W, 5.0V2.0A30 - ImmediateView Details
GT-46180-1812, 18W, 12V1.5A, WALWR9QE1500C2LWPN(R6B)GT-46180-1812, 18W, 12V1.5A, WAL80 - ImmediateView Details
GTM96180-1817.9-5.9, 18W, 12V1.5WR9QE1500CRPCIMR6BGTM96180-1817.9-5.9, 18W, 12V1.560 - ImmediateView Details
GTM96180-1811-2.0-T2A, 18W, 9V2ATR9WD2000T00-IMR6BGTM96180-1811-2.0-T2A, 18W, 9V2A60 - ImmediateView Details
GTM96180-1817.9-5.9-T2A, 18W, 12TR9WE1500T00-IMR6BGTM96180-1817.9-5.9-T2A, 18W, 1260 - ImmediateView Details
GTM96180-1817.9-2.9-T2A, 18W, 15TR9WG1200T00-IMR6BGTM96180-1817.9-2.9-T2A, 18W, 1560 - ImmediateView Details
GTM96180-1830-12.0-T2A, 18W, 18VTR9WH1000T00-IMR6BGTM96180-1830-12.0-T2A, 18W, 18V60 - ImmediateView Details
GTM96180-1830-T2A, 18W, 30V0.6A,TR9WR600T00-IMR6BGTM96180-1830-T2A, 18W, 30V0.6A,60 - ImmediateView Details
GTM96180-1848-T2A, 18W, 48V0.375TR9WX375T00-IMR6BGTM96180-1848-T2A, 18W, 48V0.37560 - ImmediateView Details
GTM96180-1830-10.0-T2A, 18W, 20VTR9WZ900T00-IMR6BGTM96180-1830-10.0-T2A, 18W, 20V60 - ImmediateView Details
GTM96180-1830-11.0-T2A, 18W, 19VTR9WZ940T00-IMR6BGTM96180-1830-11.0-T2A, 18W, 19V60 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2019-11-08