Industrial DC-DC Converters

Artesyn Embedded Technologies offers its DC-DC converters for low-power, industrial and medical applications

Image of Artesyn Embedded Technologies' Industrial DC-DC ConvertersArtesyn Embedded Technologies produces an extensive and rapidly growing range of small, isolated DC-DC converters for low-power industrial applications in areas such as automation, instrumentation, test and measurement, and telecommunications.

Artesyn's portfolio of industrial DC-DC converters for low-power applications comprises four different families, all of which are suitable for ruggedized applications in harsh environments. They are fully encapsulated and housed in metal cases for robustness, accommodate a wide operating temperature range, and are high-efficiency, high power density designs. Spanning power ratings from 3 W to 50 W, with single and dual outputs from 2.5 V to 24 V and ±5 V to ±15 V, the converters feature wide input voltage ranges for maximum design-in flexibility.

Features and Benefits
  • All families are fully encapsulated, which gives mechanical strength and rugged designs that can withstand high vibration
  • Standard tube packaging
  • All of the metal-cased units have a low radiated EMI signature
  • All of the units are fully isolated from 1500 VDC to 4200 VDC (medical models)
  • All of the units are on industry standard pin-footprints
  • Most models have an enable function
  • All units have an environmental temperature rating of -40°C to 80°C
  • All units have optimized transient response and low O/P noise and ripple characteristics
Family Specific
  • ATA family 
    • Available as SMT or PTH versions
    • Can withstand reflow assembly processing and SMD version has been qualified to IPC/JEDEC J-STD-020D
    • Highly reliable
      • The calculated MTBF’s for the variants is > 900 Khrs to Mil Hbk-217F
    • AEE family 
      • Thermal management
        • All AEE units can have a heatsink-mounting kit
      • 40 W and 50 W single O/P AEE units have a voltage adjust (trim) function
      • Many power levels available on the same footprint
        • 10 W (medical), 15 W, 40 W, and 50 W
  • AXA family
    • Thermal management
      • All AXA units can have a heatsink-mounting kit
    • Three power ratings available 10 W, 20 W, and 25 W
    • 20 W and 25 W single O/P units have a voltage-adjust (trim) function
    • Highly reliable
      • The calculated MTBF’s for the variants is > 800 Khrs to Mil Hbk-217F
  • ASA family
    • Still support the legacy footprints and function
    • ASA 6 W (medical), 6 W and 10 W industrial

ATA Family

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
ATA00H18-L datasheet linkCONV DC/DC 3W 24V 0.125A DIPATA00H18-LCONV DC/DC 3W 24V 0.125A DIP156 - Immediate
ATA00H18-L product page link
ATA00A18-L datasheet linkCONV DC/DC 3W 5V 0.6A DIPATA00A18-LCONV DC/DC 3W 5V 0.6A DIP422 - Immediate
ATA00A18-L product page link
ATA00B18-L datasheet linkCONV DC/DC 3W 12V 0.25A DIPATA00B18-LCONV DC/DC 3W 12V 0.25A DIP101 - Immediate
ATA00B18-L product page link
ATA00H18S-L datasheet linkCONV DC/DC 3W 24V 0.125A SMTATA00H18S-LCONV DC/DC 3W 24V 0.125A SMT216 - Immediate
ATA00H18S-L product page link
ATA00BB18-L datasheet linkCONV DC/DC 3W +/-12V 0.3A DIPATA00BB18-LCONV DC/DC 3W +/-12V 0.3A DIP208 - Immediate
ATA00BB18-L product page link
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AEE Family

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
AEE03A18-LS datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER 5V 15WAEE03A18-LSDC/DC CONVERTER 5V 15W1264 - Immediate
AEE03A18-LS product page link
AEE03A36-LS datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER 5V 15WAEE03A36-LSDC/DC CONVERTER 5V 15W254 - Immediate
AEE03A36-LS product page link
AEE01B36-LS datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER 12V 15WAEE01B36-LSDC/DC CONVERTER 12V 15W253 - Immediate
AEE01B36-LS product page link
AEE00CC18-LS datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER +/-15V 15WAEE00CC18-LSDC/DC CONVERTER +/-15V 15W1213 - Immediate
AEE00CC18-LS product page link
AEE01H36-L datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER 24V 40WAEE01H36-LDC/DC CONVERTER 24V 40W128 - Immediate
AEE01H36-L product page link
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AXA Family

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
AXA01C18-L datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER 15V 20WAXA01C18-LDC/DC CONVERTER 15V 20W890 - Immediate
AXA01C18-L product page link
AXA00H18-L datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER 24V 20WAXA00H18-LDC/DC CONVERTER 24V 20W242 - Immediate
AXA00H18-L product page link
AXA04A36-L datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER 5V 20WAXA04A36-LDC/DC CONVERTER 5V 20W168 - Immediate
AXA04A36-L product page link
AXA02A18-L datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER 5V 10WAXA02A18-LDC/DC CONVERTER 5V 10W131 - Immediate
AXA02A18-L product page link
AXA000H36-L datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER 24V 10WAXA000H36-LDC/DC CONVERTER 24V 10W125 - Immediate
AXA000H36-L product page link
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ASA Family

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
ASA01A18-LS datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER 5V 6WASA01A18-LSDC/DC CONVERTER 5V 6W2410 - Immediate
ASA01A18-LS product page link
ASA01A36-LS datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER 5V 6WASA01A36-LSDC/DC CONVERTER 5V 6W1270 - Immediate
ASA01A36-LS product page link
ASA00B36-LS datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER 12V 6WASA00B36-LSDC/DC CONVERTER 12V 6W939 - Immediate
ASA00B36-LS product page link
ASA00B18-LS datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER 12V 6WASA00B18-LSDC/DC CONVERTER 12V 6W931 - Immediate
ASA00B18-LS product page link
ASA00BB18-LS datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER +/-12V 6WASA00BB18-LSDC/DC CONVERTER +/-12V 6W403 - Immediate
ASA00BB18-LS product page link
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Published: 2016-09-27