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By VellemanStore

Velleman K8400 Vertex 3D Printing

The K8400 3D printer is a stand alone printer that creates accurate builds from 1.75mm filament. Makers can control virtually every aspect of their prints with the K8400. Compatible with SD cards and most freely available 3D print software packages, the K8400 gives you flexibility as well as control.

Creating with the K8400

Use this printer to create molds, add-ons for your favorite kits and bots, or to just further your 3D printing expertise. The K8400 is a relatively easy-to-assemble printer kit with quality extruder, nozzle, print bed, and components.



Personalize your Printing

Amp projects up by adding a second extruder to the K8400, allowing you to print with two colors simultaneously. Or, to take your projects in the other direction, the K8200 is the original Velleman 3D printer model, offering some of the same key features for print-lovers looking for a more basic model.

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