The Hacksmith: "Boom Box" Wireless Firework Detonator

By The Hacksmith

Just in time for the 4th of July, the Hacksmith team made a wireless firework detonator. Although the team is Canadian, they never miss an opportunity to make things explode! This 3D printed box of components allows firework users to light fireworks at a safeish distance of about 15 feet. Check it out in the video below and read on to see how it was built!

Bill of Materials

How Does it Work?

The circuit itself is pretty simple. It uses two Arduino Nanos that communicate using Seeed Technology’s 315 MHZ RF kits. One circuit functions as a transmitter, the other as a receiver that uses electricity to heat a thin wire enough to light fuses.


The switch to activate the detonator was 3D printed and designed using GrabCAD. The box looks like a miniature version of a TNT detonator like something Wile E Coyote would use. The T handle is connected to a limit switch that sends a signal from the “Boom Box” to the receiver box. When you push the T handle down, the Boom Box sends a signal to the receiver which is connected to a relay with a high discharge LiPo battery. The battery shorts a thin wire causing enough heat to ignite the fuse. It is important to have an enclosure for the receiver so your circuit doesn’t get melted by the fireworks or whatever you decide to ignite with it. You can find the 3D printer files in the video’s description if you’d like your own Boom Box to look like an old timey TNT detonator. 

A look inside the BOOM BOX

A look inside the BOOM BOX

Thaaat’s all folks! It’s pretty easy to construct. Have you made a firework detonator circuit? Be sure to share it in the comments, and check out the other team Hacksmith projects on the site!

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